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Paella Pan Catering Set for 35 people

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Product Features:
  • 35 main portions
  • Polished steel pan
  • 3 ringed gas burner
  • Adjustable height reinforced stand
  • Long handled paella skimmer spoon
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A large paella set is a fantastic way to cook this traditional Spanish dish for a large number of people, whatever the occasion. From celebrations and family gatherings, to communal catering, camping and festivals, this traditional paella set can be used in a variety of settings.

The paella set is big enough for 35 people, and comes with all you need to cook an original paella: a large polished pan, 50cm paella burner, reinforced stand and a stainless steel serving spoon. Approved for both indoor and outdoor use, the paella set is versatile and suitable for all occasions and spaces.

Watching a paella being freshly made in a huge pan is quite the spectator sport. Everyone will want to see how it is done and will be keen to join in, if possible. Paella can include meat, fish and seafood as well as vegetables, or it can be solely vegetarian. The joy of making your own is that the choice is yours.

Polished Paella Steel Pan 80cm

This paella set includes an 80cm (32 inch) diameter polished steel paella pan, which is large enough for 30 to 35 main course servings, or around 40 taster portions. It is suitable for open fire and gas fire usage. Traditional Valencian paella is always made in a polished steel or carbon steel pan, as this material conducts heat quickly and evenly. The steel is thin, but durable and rigid. The pan bottom is dimpled, which helps to spread the heat evenly.

Paella Gas Burner 50cm

The 50cm (20 inch) diameter professional paella gas burner is suitable for pans from 42cm to 80cm in diameter. It runs on Propane or Butane gas and comes with a thermocouple safety valve, or Flame Failure cut-off device on each ring, as required by law for cooking in enclosed or semi-enclosed environments. Approved for usage indoors and outdoors, this Paella Gas Burner is CE Certified and is made in Valencia, Spain, home of the traditional paella.

It consists of 3 concentric rings of flame with two control knobs. The heat on the two inner rings is controlled by the same knob, whilst the second knob provides independent control to the third ring, allowing you to adjust the heat when and where it is needed.

The enamelled layer allows for easy cleaning. For further information on cleaning and care please see -

Reinforced Stand

A 75cm high reinforced stand is suitable for paella burners from 40cm to 70cm. The stand, in the form of a tripod provides a stable platform made more secure by braces between the legs. Simply slid the legs into the paella burner and tighten the thumb screws (no screwdriver necessary). Each leg can easily be adjusted to level your paella burner and provide you with a comfortable height at which to cook. It also stores away very compactly.

58cm Stainless Steel Paella Spoon

This large 58cm long and 11.5cm diameter skimming spoon is perfect for spreading the rice and sautéing the ingredients with its large, round flat blade. The long handle helps you reach across the pan without getting your arm or face too close to the flame, keeping you at a distance from any spitting.

Amaze your friends with this impressive cooking set-up and get started making the biggest and best traditional paella you’ve ever made.

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