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Bon Fire complete Set Deluxe

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Product Features:
  • Deluxe version of the complete outdoor cooking set from Bon-Fire
  • Consists of a Tripod, large grill grid with 3 chains, Stew pot, BBQ Pan and a long handled enamel Pancake pan
  • Also includes tools and a Brazier
  • Easy to clean
  • A versatile method of outdoor cooking or barbecuing

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Join the fun, a NEW and EXCITING way to cook outdoors! Ideal for families and Scouting / Adventure organisations.

The Deluxe version of the complete Bon-fire outdoor cooking system - Contains all that is required to make the most out of this versatile method of outdoor cooking or barbecuing, including tools and a Brazier.

Consists of the Tripod that is easy to unfold and put over your fire, a large 60cm grill with 3 x Bon-Fire chains, enamelled 6 litre Stew pot with suspension hooks, BBQ Pan and an enamel Pancake pan with long handle.

All parts are easy to clean and carry around.

Set Contains:

* Tri-Pod stand 140 cm high
* Large 60cm Grill Grid
* Enamelled 6 Litre Stew Pot
* Enamelled 60 cm Barbeque/Paella Pan
* Black Enamelled Brazier
* Black Enamelled Pancake Pan
* 3 x 50 cm long Nickel plated Bon-Fire chains
* Ladle
* Spoon
* Grill Pallet
* Grill Tweezers
* Grill Fork

A fun and exciting way to cook outdoors.

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