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Squirrel Feeder

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£16.12 £21.50
Product Features:
  • Manufactured from pinewood
  • Hinged, lift up roof
  • Two separate chambers allowing a variety of foods to be fed
  • Plexiglass front allows easy checking of food levels
  • Roof dip treated with non-toxic water based brown wood stain

Price: £16.12
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Watching squirrels in your garden can be really amusing and can provide hours of entertainment, but it is not so funny if they are stealing food that you put out for the birds and damaging bird feeders. One way to combat this destructive behaviour is to provide squirrels with their own food supply, in one of our squirrel feeders. That way, you will have all the fun of watching their antics and the birds can continue to feed undisturbed.

Our squirrel feeder should be situated somewhere you can conveniently see it and reach to refill it when necessary, but away from bird feeding areas. It is constructed from pinewood with a Plexiglass front, so the food level can be easily checked. The lift up roof has been dip treated with a water based non-toxic brown wood stain and is hinged for easy access to the chambers. There are ledge supports on the side, below the round access hole, which assist the squirrel to climb into the feeder.

The feeder has two separate chambers so you can supply different foods. Peanuts are commonly used, and are probably the cheapest squirrel food, but you can also find different squirrel foods such as a whole nut mix, separate pine nuts or hazelnuts or a nut and seed mix containing peanuts, sunflower hearts, maize and pine nuts. By experimenting, you will be able to identify which foods the squirrels in your garden prefer.

The hardest time of year for squirrels is early spring because the nuts they have buried may be lost or have started to sprout, and new food is not available. This is when they will benefit most from the provision of squirrel food and it may deter them from damaging tree buds and stealing bird food.

When you first install the squirrel feeder, it may take a little time for the squirrels to find it. One solution is to place a few seeds or peanuts on the roof or to prop the roof open a little with a nut. Once they have found the feeder and worked out how to use it, these amusing acrobats will give you hours of entertainment as they climb all over it, dangle upside down and enjoy the seeds and nuts you have supplied.

The dimensions of the squirrel feeder are: Width 38cm, depth 19cm and height 22cm.

This is a simply made wooden feeder, with the occasional splinter, but with a bit of sanding it's well worth the price - especially as you usually receive it the next day. I'm plagued by pigeons, so this will certainly thwart them, but getting your furry friends to use this feeder is a different matter.
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