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Flat Pack Moth Trap with Actinic Light

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Product Features:
  • Easy to assemble, with unique tab and slot construction
  • Safe to use with integrated RCD protection
  • Supplied complete with 25W Blue Black Actinic Light Bulb
  • Simple to use and highly effective
  • Robust and rigid with moth ‘funnel’ to check your catch
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Our Actinic moth trap provides the newbie moth-spotter with everything you need to start trapping moths in your garden. With its simple tab and slot together design, this trap assembles quickly and easily to make a robust and rigid box that can just as easily be disassembled if required.The trap uses the well known skinner trap design, and is made of 9mm FSC plywood, for a strong and robust feel.

This trap maximises your moth catch at an affordable price, by using a 25W Black Light Blue Actinic Bulb, which is completely safe to use, even when there are people around the trap. Unlike some alternatives, the aluminium and glass light fitting is fully enclosed with rubber seals to stop water getting into the electrics, and the trap itself is finished in a black water-based non-toxic non-volatile wood treatment. The plug has integrated RCD protection to minimise the risk of electric shock.

There is a huge range of moth species that visit our gardens during the night, and there are plenty of things you can do to make your moth trap a success. Make sure your garden is full of native species and plant attractive flowers like nicotiana and night scented stocks that not only make your garden look beautiful, but release their perfume in the evening when moths are becoming active.

If you have a small garden, don’t run your trap every night, as you run the risk of re-trapping the same moths. Instead, run it every other night for the best results. Try and place your trap in a spot that’s not overlooked - your neighbours may not thank you for shining a blue light through their bedroom window all night! That overgrown area you’ve been meaning to clear for ages would be ideal, and saves on the gardening. You’ll also need a shed or an enclosed outdoor spot to release your moths - don’t try this in the house! Moth pots are an ideal accessory for your trap, so you can study your moths in closer detail.

If you’re new to moth trapping, the best time to start is between February and March. Start trapping in the summer and you may be completely overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of moths you attract. In fact, moths outnumber butterfly species by 43 to 1 and are every bit as beautiful, with an amazing array of colours. You might trap an Elephant Hawk Moth (pink), a Brimstone (yellow) or even a large Emerald with its deep green wings. The Buff Tip has markings that help it disguise itself among twigs and the Spectacle moth even appears to be wearing glasses!

If you get bitten by the moth-hunting bug, why not take part in Moth Night, which takes place every year in June? You can join moth-hunters all over the country in recording your moth catch and raising awareness of the beauty and diversity of these extraordinary nocturnal insects.

With their extraordinary markings and nocturnal habits, moths reveal a secret world that is only revealed when you get interested in moth-hunting. With our affordable Actinic moth trap, you’ll soon discover the beautiful and hidden world of our native moth species, and one or two exotic foreign visitors. So find the ideal spot for your trap and start your new hobby tonight.

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