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Flat Pack Moth Trap

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Product Features:
  • Perfect kit for trapping and studying a range of moths
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for moving
  • Overall product dimensions: 41cm (H) x 46cm (W) x 41cm (D)
  • Precision cut from untreated FSC 9mm plywood
  • Light not included
Price: £69.95
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Moths are a fascinating species on so many levels and play a vital role in the small ecosystem of your garden. As with butterflies and all other insects, the diversity of moths which are attracted to your outdoor space can provide many happy hours of study, and one of the safest and most effective ways of seeing them up close is by installing a moth trap.

We stock one of the most innovative and easy to use flat pack moth traps on the market, providing you with everything you need to begin harmlessly trapping and studying these beautiful and fascinating little creatures. A moth trap can be the perfect gift for the wildlife enthusiast, and a fantastic way to introduce children to the amazing variety of wildlife which is attracted to your garden all year round.

This flat pack moth trap is extremely easy to assemble without the need for tools. The panels that make up the trap have been precision cut from 9mm plywood and are simply connected together using a unique tab and slot design. This creates a firm and robust framework which has a satisfyingly solid feel for it, and the trap is more than capable of standing up to the many years’ use you will get from it. The trap itself is compact and easy to move, measuring 41cm in height by 46cm in width and 41cm in depth.

All the wood used in the manufacturing of this flat pack kit is from a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved source, which means that you can be confident it is ethically and sustainably produced, without damaging the environment. The wood has been left untreated to allow you to decide on which wood stain you would like to use for your ideal finish.

Because it is lightweight and so simple to construct and disassemble, this flat pack moth trap is easy to transport and store, and can simply be moved around your garden for repositioning. It also makes it an ideal travel piece, allowing you to deconstruct it and take it with you whenever you’re going on holiday or on a camping trip to a different part of the country where there may be new species to discover.

The two clear plastic panels slot smoothly into place to form a moth ‘funnel’ once the trap has been constructed, allowing you to see your specimens once you’ve successfully caught them. The plastic panels can then be quickly and easily be removed to allow you to inspect your catch up close, all without harming the moths you have caught.

This kit provides a trap only, and does not include a light. This enables you to choose the type of light which best suits your requirements, depending on where you are positioning the trap and how much space you have.

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