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Wireless Bird Box Camera Battery Powered

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Product Features:

  • White and infra red Lights give pictures 24 hours a day
  • Range of up to 100 metres between camera and receiver
  • Works on mains power, single use or rechargeable batteries
  • Batteries in separate box for ease of use and to avoid disturbing nesting birds
  • Nest box with 32mm entrance hole, suitable for Blue Tits, Great Tits, House Sparrows and other hole nesting birds
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Wireless Bird Box Camera

To view nature such as wild birds, a durable and reliable camera system needs to be used. The Wireless Bird Box Camera System is the best one available.

In reality a wireless system is not wireless unless it has its own long life battery supply. Our Wireless Bird Box Camera has exactly that, making it truly wireless meaning there is no need to run any power or video cables.

The camera is supplied complete with its own rechargeable Battery box that is placed near to the camera and which is then capable of providing up to 7 months of use.

The Wireless Bird Box Camera is perfect to use in Gardens or on Reserves.

The nest box features

- The camera nest box system is already assembled

- It can be fitted easily in any garden (with no special skills or tools required) in a matter of minutes

- Is a colour camera

- Includes audio

- Includes a lighting system with white and infra red lights which provides stunning pictures 24 hours a day

- Offers truly Wireless transmission with no need for cables across the lawn, floor or through walls

- Has a range of 100 metres (nominal)

- The unit works on mains power or alkaline or rechargeable batteries with superb battery life of up to 7 months

- Comes pre-equipped for solar or wind power with built in charger**

- Utilises unique British technology - with patents pending

- Has an easy plug and play receiver connection

- Can be viewed on TV or video-equipped PC or laptop**

- Environmentally friendly - Our Nest boxes are manufactured using only FSC certified timber

- The batteries are kept in a separate matching box for ease of access and to avoid disturbing the birds

- Traditional style looks great in any garden

- Exceptionally attractive to garden birds

** Available as Options

The PC / Laptop connection option is a useful USB device which can be used to connect the camera to the computer. The simple software enables you to record and take snapshot pictures. In addition this option enables the PC to record only when movement is detected.

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