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Interior Barn Owl Nest Box

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Product Features:
  • Expertly designed for easy installation
  • Provides safe and secure nesting for barn owls
  • Sliding roof for easy access and cleaning
  • Generously proportioned
  • Components slot neatly together - no tools required
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Barn owls generally prefer to build their nests in buildings, but sometimes struggle to find a safe, secure and appropriate place where they can nest without being disturbed. This expertly designed barn owl nest box solves that problem and enables you to create an ideal nesting area for these much-loved birds. The box can be fitted in various buildings, including barns, and can help encourage barn owls to nest on your property.

The box is cleverly designed to enable you to construct it with minimum fuss. Each separate panel of the box can be transported up your ladder individually, and then easily placed into the correct position. This means you do not have to struggle with carrying the entire box up your ladder in one go, making the whole installation experience safer and less stressful.

The box is manufactured using panels that have been precision cut to ensure a perfect fit. Once you have fitted the back panel, which comes with 15 pre-drilled holes, you will not require any tools to assemble the box, as they simply slot together yet the end result is a sturdy, durable and well-built nest box. The barn owl nest box is supplied with full instructions, and you will find the entire structure can be assembled within a matter of minutes. Due to the modular construction of the box, it is larger and heavier than many pre-assembled boxes on the market. This means more space for the owls who make their home in the box, as well as space for a generously proportioned landing ledge for your resident birds. The interior floor space measures a roomy 40cm x 50cm.

The box is designed to allow mounting on beams - whether vertical, horizontal or diagonal - or onto solid walls. Although you do have some flexibility with regard to where to place your nesting box, you need to ensure the building used has an entrance that will be permanently open. This is to allow owls constant access and to prevent them being trapped inside the building, or being locked out.

To increase the chance of a barn owl making its home in your nesting box, you should try to make sure the box's entrance can be easily seen by any owls that fly into the building. The nesting box should be installed at least three metres from the ground and in an area where there are unlikely to be any disturbances.

To allow easy cleaning and maintenance, the box's roof slides out. It's important to clean out the box roughly every 2-3 years, if it is solely used by barn owls. If other birds, such as jackdaws, are observed to use the box, it should be cleaned out every year, as these particular birds tend to fill such boxes with sticks.

Please be aware that it's illegal for anyone without a licence to disturb nesting barn owls, so you should only clean out the box from November to January when no owls are present.

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