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Hedgehog Hibernation House

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Product Features:
  • Hinged roof
  • internal corridor leading to inner chamber
  • non-toxic wood stain
  • attractive pinewood
  • W38 x D28 x H28 cm
Price: £22.46
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Hedgehogs are a familiar and desirable garden mammal, although their nocturnal wanderings mean they are seldom seen during the daytime. At night, they come out in our gardens and feed on snails, slugs, caterpillars, worms and beetles.

Able runners, swimmers and climbers, hedgehogs are able to access most gardens. In the winter, they hibernate and emerge once again in the warmer spring weather.

Their nests are fairly large and they tend to be made of leaves, grass, mosses and other garden debris. These nests are often found under dense bramble bushes, at the base of thick hedges, buried under piles of rubbish or underneath garden sheds.

A favoured way to attract hedgehogs into your garden is to provide them with a hedgehog box. Our popular natural pinewood hedgehog box with brown roof and inbuilt floor is an ideal home for hedgehogs. The wooden flooring provides the box with insulation against ground frosts and keeps the hedgehogs off the ground in wet weather.

The box is made of beautiful pinewood and the roof has been dip treated with a water based non-toxic wood stain. The box incorporates a lift up hinged roof to allow for easy access in order to clean and monitor its contents. The internal corridor leads into the inner chamber, providing further protection from wet, cold and windy weather and it also helps to protect the hedgehogs from predators such as foxes and badgers reaching into the box.

The natural and brown hedgehog box blends in well in most gardens, providing an attractive and cosy little home for the mammals. Fill the house with dry grass, hay or leaves to encourage hedgehogs into the box to nest.

The internal chamber size is 21 x 19 x 22 cm and the entrance vestibule is 10 x 12 cm. The outside dimensions of the box are W38 x D28 x H28 cm.

Place the hedgehog box out of direct sunlight. Position it so that the entrance vestibule is facing away from the prevailing winds. Find a fairly hidden spot for it under some thick vegetation or under or behind the shed. If you have discovered a hedgehog nest in the past, this would probably be an ideal location to place your new box. Try not to keep lifting the lid to see if the box is being used, no matter how tempting it is!

It could take anytime up to a year for a hedgehog to take up residence in your box, so do not be too disappointed if it remains empty for a while. Your garden hedgehogs may have a favourite spot already and may just need time to find their luxurious new abode!

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