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Swift Nest Box

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£16.89 £22.50
Product Features:
  • Solid pinewood construction
  • Easy to mount
  • Ideal for swift conservation
  • Easy to clean
  • Size: 40cm (W) x 23cm (D) x 25cm (H)
Price: £16.89
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Nest boxes are a lovely addition to any garden, giving you the pleasure of watching your new feathered friends darting in and out of their new home.

Nest boxes are really useful in gardens where there might be plenty of food about, but not many trees. The kids will love making birdseed treats to tempt birds to your nesting box!

Solidly constructed from pinewood, with a 5x8cm entrance hole and brackets for easy hanging, our swift nesting box is the ideal holiday home for the common swift. You could even use a CD of swift calls to attract new visitors! There’s a sliding front for easy cleaning when the season is over, though if you want to attract the same nesting pair next year, it’s better to leave the box uncleaned, as moths will do the job for you!

Swifts are summer visitors to our shores and are incredible flyers, often covering up to 200 miles a day. It’s important to mount your swift nesting box in a high spot with uninterrupted access so they can swoop in and out uninterrupted. Fix it high up on a wall in a shaded position, so the birds don’t overheat.

Swifts enjoy nesting under the eaves of our houses and they’ve shared our homes since Roman times, but modern construction methods mean they are finding it harder and harder to find suitable nesting sites. By mounting a nesting box, you’re helping to keep these wonderful birds on our shores.

Encourage the kids to keep a record of swift sightings - check at dusk as they’re most active at this time of day. If your first nesting box is successful, why not hang more? You’ll be doing an important job, helping to protect these beautiful avian visitors.

There are a few important things to consider, to give you every chance of attracting swifts to your next box. Do give the birds plenty of peace and quiet so they have the best chance to breed, and don’t disturb them or they’ll desert the box. Keep the next box site free of creeping plants, so predators can’t attack your nesting swifts.

If you have a wildlife camera, this is a great idea to keep a track of your swift’s progress as they raise their family, but please make sure it doesn’t emit any heat and that there are no loose cables to harm the birds. Sharing news from your swift nesting box via social media is a great way to raise swift conservation awareness, so do share photos and videos online.

The dimensions of our swift nesting box make it ideal for a pair of birds to raise their young, giving your budding ornithologists hours of fun into the bargain. So go on, save a swift and be swift about it!

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