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Kestrel Nest Box

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£36.75 £49.00
Product Features:
  • Crafted from high quality, durable pinewood
  • Offers a slide out front feature and 130mm diameter entrance hole
  • Wooden panel for easy hanging in garden area
  • Designed to attract a range of species including the mallard, brown owl, common kestrel, common Goldeneye and long eared owl
  • Dimensions: 37cm width, 39cm diameter, 63cm high at front /73cm high at rear
Price: £36.75
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With winter almost here, bird lovers may be thinking about simple ways that they can lend a helping hand to our feathered friends this year. Due to low temperatures, strong winds and an increase in rain and snowfall, winter can be an extremely harsh time for birds and mortality rates do tend to increase.

Although birds have naturally evolved to keep themselves warm in the winter, a little protection can certainly help them out against the elements and predators, at a time when trees are losing their leaves and natural shelter is scarce. Our Kestrel Nest Box is a great item for bird watching enthusiasts. Not only will it offer protection to birds at this difficult time of year but it will encourage wildlife to your garden all year round.

Kestrels are notorious for not building their own nests and instead taking over the nests of other birds to lay their eggs. They may also lay their eggs in suitable cavities, ledges or flat surfaces in urban or built up areas. Our pinewood kestrel nest box gives these birds a place to lay their eggs safely and to seek shelter, while still having a good vantage point for hunting. It is durable and designed to to be long-lasting.

Its slide out front feature and 130mm diameter entrance hole may also make it an appealing choice for other birds such as owls, mallards and the common Goldeneye, making interesting viewing for any bird enthusiasts. As it is specifically designed towards kestrels, please be aware that the ideal siting of the box should be within an isolated tree or on the side of a building, at no lower than 15ft from the ground. It would also be beneficial to the birds if they had a clear flight path into the box.

The secure wooden panel is designed for simple hanging from a variety of surfaces. Please install the box safely, taking into account how you will fit it, whether or not you will require any assistance and if you need to take any safety precautions, such as wearing safety clothing.

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