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Dipper and Wagtail Bird Nest Box

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Product Features:
  • Fits securely underneath bridges to provide wagtails and dippers with a permanent, safe space to nest.
  • Made entirely from recycled plastic, to withstand damp conditions
  • Specially designed to minimise the risk of damage by fast flowing or flooded rivers.
  • Easy to install and requires no maintenance.
  • Dimensions: 20cm (H) x 20cm (W) x 35cm (D)
Price: £29.95
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We may not always fully realise or appreciate it, but our natural wildlife adds so much to our daily lives. There are a number of small things we can do to show our appreciation and ensure its survival for future generations.

< p>Grey Wagtails and Dippers have displayed their fondness for building nests on bridges, even when there are many natural nesting sites in the same area. Many older bridges, particularly stone bridges, do provide perfectly sized ledges and crevices for these birds to make their nests, however modern bridges are more streamlined and as such, do not accommodate birds nearly as well, if at all.

< p>Thankfully, both species of bird have shown their willingness to nest in boxes, which is why the Eco Dipper Wagtail box has been designed. It has been specially designed and constructed to fit underneath bridges and provide all important nesting sites for these beautiful, much-loved birds that bring so much joy to so many people. It comes with multiple mounting holes to ensure that it can be easily fitted to both the horizontal bridge roof and the vertical walls. This means that the best location can be identified, and there is the scope there to install multiple boxes onto the same bridge.

< p>The nest box has been constructed entirely from recycled plastic and there are no additional staples or nails, which would corrode and rust over time in the damp conditions that occur underneath bridges. Unique tabs will hold the box together securely and ensure that the box stands up against the elements, season after season. When securing your nest box underneath a bridge you should position it at least two metres above water level, which will help to reduce the risk of it being entirely submerged, should the river flood. The nest box has also been designed with an angled back to reduce the risk of damage, or the possibility of being swept away entirely, during fast flowing floods. If your river does regularly flood, take care to position the nest box so that the hole at the front of the box is facing downstream.

< p>If you live in an area with both Wagtails and Dippers, you could secure two nest boxes on opposite sides of the same bridge and end up giving both species a home. They like to nest in similar spaces, but they aren’t overly territorial and can live happily and in harmony close together. Nest boxes have the ability to sustain or even increase bird populations, so every little helps.

< p> The nestbox has six fixing holes, for a secure fastening using the supplied washers.

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