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Bird Nest Box with Oak Finish

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Product Features:
  • Dimensions (cm): 17 (L) x 16 (W) x 27/32 (H)
  • Easy to clean slide-off front
  • Made from durable pinewood
  • Weather resistant and long-lasting
  • Attracts small birds to your garden
Price: £12.75
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Every year, British landscapes change as green belts and countryside are lost to house building and new road projects. Unfortunately, local wildlife tends to suffer both the immediate and long term consequences of their shrinking natural habitat.

Take birds, for example. Many will find themselves short of suitable places to build a nest, an essential safe haven if they are to reproduce in a secure, comfortable environment. With drastically reduced resources, the competition for what is left becomes much fiercer, and not all birds will manage to create a new home.

The positive news is that you can do something to change things. Anyone who can hang a nest box that is safe from predators in their yard or garden, can make a huge contribution to protecting all species of our feathered friends. As a bonus you get to enjoy watching them come and go - first as a pair and then as a family.

It is never too early to begin preparing a nest box for your outside space, although, if you prefer, it can be left right up until ‘National Nest Box Week’, which runs in February.

What you may not realise before you make a nest box purchase is that there are dozens of different types of nest box to choose from.

Making the right choice for you is important, as different sizes and styles if nest boxes attract different numbers and types of birds. Depending on your target location for the box, materials used to make the nest box may influence your choices too.

If your ambition is to provide comfortable lodgings for Pied Flycatchers, Great Tits, Nuthatches and Tree Sparrows, then our oak-coloured pinewood nest box is exactly what you need.

The front of this homely nest box is closed, but the 32mm hole in the front is more than enough space for birds of this size to make a comfortable entry and exit. For those tiny little birds, this box is positively palatial inside. Smaller birds prefer smaller boxes, as then they don’t intrude on each other’s space.

Our pinewood nest box comes equipped with a slide out front, making end of season clean ups easy to do. It also features a wooden panel to make hanging it a piece of cake. Remember to fix the nest box to a wall or tree between 2-4 meters from the ground, and in a position that avoids both direct sunlight and harsh wind.

Pinewood is a fabulous choice of material for a bird nesting box, being both durable and weather resistant. Our wood is also treated with a non-toxic wood stain, so it looks great, without hurting anything or anyone.

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