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Bird Nest Box in White and Olive

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Product Features:
  • Attractively made from pinewood
  • Safely treated to last for years
  • 30mm diameter entrance hole will attract a range of birds
  • Comes with an attached bracket for easy hanging
  • Slide-out front for easy cleaning and access
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Everyone loves seeing birds in their garden. It’s one of the great joys of life for many people, watching that friendly robin or cheeky blue tit sitting on the fence, watching us as we do the gardening or eat outside in the summer. We love to hear their songs when we wake up in the morning, and watch them as they find a safe place to roost at night, away from the neighbour’s cat.

So it’s no surprise that many of us are now going to great lengths to try and encourage a greater number of our feathered friends into our gardens. One of the most common ways of doing this is through the use of bird-feeders, and they are certainly a good way of getting more visits from the likes of finches, sparrows and tits. But have you also thought about providing somewhere safe for your local birds to nest, too?

Placing numerous bird boxes in strategic positions around your garden will not only provide a helping hand to the birds in your area but also give you and your family enormous pleasure as you watch a new generation of chicks fledge before your eyes. Birds often come back to the same garden year after year, so you could well see generations of birds grow up under your protection, giving you years of enjoyment.

This pretty pinewood nest box is perfect for a large range of small birds. Looking so good the birds will be fighting over it! It has been carefully constructed out of pinewood treated with a white water-based, non-toxic stain and olive green roof to ensure it will stay looking great for many years, without harming its inhabitants. Attractively designed, it will enhance any garden, and will appeal as a new home for a variety of birds.

The nest box has a slide-out front for easy access for cleaning, as well as an attached bracket which will enable you to hang it nearly anywhere - just make sure it’s well-protected, away from predators. The 30mm diameter entrance hole is just the right size to attract a range of smaller birds, including the sparrow, nuthatch and a variety of tits. So just make sure you place it somewhere you can see it but the cats can’t get at it, then sit back and enjoy the show!

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