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Bird Box Wooden DIY Kit with 32mm Hole

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Product Features:
  • 32mm hole, perfect size for small garden birds
  • Made from FSC certified birch wood
  • All component parts included
  • Easy to assemble, with full instructions
  • Great fun for adults and children alike
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As well as being a valuable part of your garden’s natural little ecosystem, birds provide year-round colour and entertainment for all. From the chocolate box perfect robin to the singing blackbird on the lawn, watching garden birds is one of the most relaxing of all pastimes, and one which homeowners up and down the nation have embraced. One way you can attract as many birds as possible to your garden is by installing a cosy bird box for them to set up home in.

It’s not just over the winter months that our feathered friends need a little helping hand. Species may come and go according to the seasons and migration patterns, but there will always be some types of birds on the lookout for food and shelter. With our fantastic bird box kits, you can provide a safe, comfortable space for them to nest and raise their chicks, and once they’ve made it home, you will probably see them return year after year.

The 32mm diameter hole makes this the perfect home for small garden birds, and it’s likely to attract great tits, blue tits, house sparrows, tree sparrows and many more. For year-round interest, positioning your new nest box somewhere within easy view of your home, but not too close for comfort, will see your feathered friends come flocking, and give you many hours’ enjoyment, whatever the season.

These bird box kits are great fun for adults and children alike, and come complete with all the necessary parts and a straightforward instruction guide to get you started. Bird boxes can make an ideal gift, and they’re one of the most fun and exciting ways to introduce young children to the fantastic wildlife which will visit your garden. With each panel made to measure, assembling your own bird box is quick and easy. There’s no need to get out your own saw and no need worry about getting the sizes right, all you need is a small hammer and a screwdriver.

We take our green credentials very seriously and know how vital it is that we minimise the impact we have on the natural world. That is why all our bird boxes are made from ethically sourced and sustainable materials, with all the panels in this fantastic bird box kit made from FSC certified exterior grade birch plywood. That means it has the 100% stamp of approval from the Forest Stewardship Council, helping us protect our beautiful woodlands and green spaces.

Not many things can beat that feeling of satisfaction which comes with making something and seeing it put to good use. However small or large your green space may be, a bird box kit will attract birds of all varieties all year round, providing you with many happy hours of garden watching.

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