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Wall Mounted Wooden Bird Seed Feeder

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Product Features:
  • Wall mounted pinewood seed feeder
  • Treated with a water based non-toxic stain, to ensure durability
  • Easy-fill sliding roof means it is easy for you to keep clean
  • Attached bracket means it is easy to hang
  • Dimensions: 15cm (L) x 19cm (W) x 36cm (H)
Price: £15.50
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Our gardens are greatly enhanced by the wildlife that visits them, and young and old alike will enjoy spending time observing their charming behaviour in great detail. Our wall mounted seed feeder gives you the opportunity the repay your wildlife for their presence in your garden, and thank them for their daily visits that bring you so much joy and happiness.

A seed feeder can attract a whole host of different birds to your garden, including tits, finches and sparrows. There are a number of different bird seed mixtures available that will be suitable for the different birds you will see in your garden. Our seed feeder will ensure that you can tend to the needs of every species, offering them all a fine dining experience that will help to keep them healthy throughout the year. It will look stylish in your garden at all times, and it is sure to look even more beautiful when you see the birds in your garden flocking to take a perch and tuck into a delicious meal.

Taking care of your feathered friends doesn’t need to be complicated. The easy-fill sliding roof and plexiglass front means that it is super easy to maintain seed levels, and give everything a quick clean inside when necessary. The plexiglass front means that you can always make sure there is enough food in there to keep your feathered friends happy. This means that the wildlife in your garden will always have fresh, easily accessible food.

We have also made sure that our seed feeder is easy to hang on to a wall with the attached bracket, so that your feathered friends won’t have to wait long to begin tucking into some nutritious food. Position it within sight of your kitchen window or conservatory, in order to enjoy the antics of your birds all year round. It’s amazing how quickly birds will discover a new feeding station, so you shouldn’t have long to wait before you are rewarded with a regular batch of visitors to the feeder. Our seed feeder is a generous size, allowing for plenty of room for all your wild friends to join in on the fun.

The body of the feeder has been finished in a lovely cool grey, whilst the pitched roof is a contrasting anthracite grey. These treatments have been applied using water based non-toxic stains to ensure it is safe for the birds.

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