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Hanging Bird Peanut Feeder

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£7.95 £14.95
Product Features:
  • Enjoy close-up viewing of garden birds
  • Made from plywood treated with a water based, non-toxic oak wood stain
  • Bitumen roof to offer additional shelter for wildlife
  • Dimensions: 21cm (L) x 21cm (W) x 22 (H)
  • Look after the wildlife that regularly visits your garden
Price: £7.95
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Birds and other wildlife add so much joy to our gardens and our everyday lives. Providing them with additional food will allow you to observe their beauty up close in great detail and also repay them for their daily visits to your garden. Children will also really enjoy spotting wildlife in your garden, and it can be a great way to introduce them to the wide variety of species we are lucky to be able to see in this country. Our hanging peanut feeder will provide a touch of fine dining for your feathered friends to ensure they keep flocking back to your garden at every opportunity.

Peanuts are a popular food for a number of different species that often frequent our gardens throughout each season, but they are especially tempting for greenfinches, house sparrows, robins, nuthatches and tits. Peanuts are high in essential fats, oil and protein, and we have made sure that this feeder will allow you to safely feed them to the wildlife in your garden during every season. It’s good to feed birds all year round, but particularly in winter, when natural food supplies run low for birds.

Our high quality plywood peanut feeder has been treated with a water based non-toxic oak wood stain, to ensure that it is safe for birds to use and will continue to attract beautiful wildlife to your garden season after season. The sturdy bitumen apex roof will help to keep your feathered friends sheltered from the elements, so they can eat their peanuts without getting wet from the rain, or too warm from the sun. The 5mm galvanised mesh is sturdy and durable, which will ensure that the wildlife in your garden will be able to feed safely. The feeder is perfectly sized to ensure that there will be plenty of room for all of your wild visitors. Birds will definitely appreciate the extra thought you have put in and they are sure to visit your garden more often than they otherwise would, giving you more opportunities to watch their captivating and charming behaviour. The feeder is durable and will withstand being exposed to all the elements.

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