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Wooden Bat Box

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Product Features:
  • Single or Double Chamber
  • Untreated FSC Timber
  • Grooves on Rear Chamber
  • Excellent quality
  • Long lasting and strong
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A wooden Bat Box is often specified to be the most natural way to ensure Bats can nest in a safe environment close to their natural habitats.

Our wooden bat boxes are available to purchase with either a single chamber or a double chamber. A very high quality wooden resin glued ply is used - which will last for many years and will offer a draught free environment for the bats to take residence. Particularly suited to the Bats regularly seen in Britain in most areas.

Both Wooden versions of the bat box, single and double chamber, are manufactured with grooves on the rear chamber walls to allow for easy access.

It is important to note that these bat boxes are not treated with any exterior treatment - this is not recommended as Bats are very sensitive to any toxins in wood preservatives - even those that are labelled as toxin free - not only will this potentially ruin your chances of them taking on the nest - it may be harmful to the bats. All Bat boxes made using wood or timber should not be treated. All timbers used in the construction of the bat boxes are FSC certified. All nails used in the construction are knocked fully home, this will help to ensure these do not rust and provide a secure home for a long time.

The dimensions for the single chamber wooden bat box are : 34cm Height x 16cm Width x 8cm Depth

Double Chamber Bat box Size: 34cm Height x 16cm Width x 9cm Depth
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