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Integrated Eco Bat Box with Crevice Chamber

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Product Features:
  • A compact built-in bat box designed as a permanent roost
  • Choice of internal roost chamber to accommodate either crevice or cavity roosting bats
  • Recycled plastic waterproof shell for durability
  • Choice of brick coloured or green front panels to blend with building
  • No additional maintenance required, self-cleaning design
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For animal lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and those who simply love the outdoors, the innovative Integrated Eco Bat Box is now available. This durable and compact structure is specially designed to be built into buildings without being unsightly. The boxes are available with green or brick coloured front panels, to blend effortlessly with the design of your building. They are designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and permanent roosting space for a variety of bats. The bat boxes are also highly versatile and just as well suited to timber cladding, brick walls, external insulation or stonework. Wherever your home and whatever your style, the integrated eco bat box can be an exciting addition that benefits the community’s wildlife. Everyone will want to get involved!

Bats are an important part of the British ecosystem and wildlife, and there are more ways than ever to protect them and help their numbers to thrive. The integrated eco bat box provides local bats with a high, safe, comfortable place to roost, so you will always be doing your bit for the environment and these fascinating animals. Putting up a bat box and then listening below the box for activity in the afternoon or evening is a great way to get the whole family involved. Bats are highly selective animals and may take some time to test whether a location is suitable for roosting. Be patient, be vigilant, and soon you could be hosting your very own bat family.

The box’s durable external shell is built to withstand a variety of weather conditions long term. It is constructed from recycled plastic that has been specially UV stabilised. Inside, the roost chamber for the bats has been constructed from FSC Certified oriented strand board (OSB). You will waste no time attracting the local bats to this safe and comfortable chamber, as it accommodates a variety of national bat species. Each of the unique bat species in England has a different roosting requirement, and the integrated eco bat box incorporates two variants to accommodate them—the crevice and the cavity. They may appear to be the same on the outside, but inside each one an entirely different species of bat will make its home. The internal chambers vary. The crevice box, for example, is a favourite amongst the common pipistrelle and soprano pipistrelle bats of the UK. It features two internal crevices of 22mm wide. The cavity box, however, is favoured by Britain’s roosting bats. A single internal cavity of 60mm width has a rough roof and walls to enable the “guests” to hang upside down.

The Integrated Eco Bat Box requires no additional maintenance or cleaning, as the angled baffles allow droppings to simply fall away. Bats take time to choose a new roost, but with this comfortable, safe, and specialised box, your building will be at the top of their list!

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