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Integrated Eco Bat Box with Cavity Chamber

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Product Features:
  • Provides a permanent roost that is safe and secure
  • Specially designed to replace 6 standard sized bricks
  • Made from recycled plastic and certified wood
  • Sturdy, easy to maintain, durable and able to withstand exposure to all seasonal elements
  • Dimensions: 440mm (H) x 215mm (W) x 111mm (D)
Price: £78.00
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Sometimes our natural wildlife needs a helping hand, and we can all do our bit to protect a number of species in order to ensure that they survive for future generations.

< p>We are lucky enough to be able to see several species of bats in the wild, but many areas of the country don’t have enough suitable sites for them to roost. The Integrated Eco Bat Box has been especially designed to be built into the façade of buildings, which will offer bats a permanent roosting space, as well as providing them with increased protection from the elements. Built-in bat boxes are particularly suited to brick walls, external insulation, stone work and timber cladding. Help to look after the bats in your local area, with this built-in bat box that will provide a permanent and safe space for them to roost. Enjoy looking out for signs that bats have discovered their new home, and watch them fly around your garden as they feed on small bugs and insects.

< p>The exterior of the Integrated Eco Bat Box is made from sturdy recycled plastic, which protects the internal FSC certified wooden box. The plastic exterior has been UV stabilised, which means that it will provide consistent and long lasting protection from the elements. The box will fit tastefully into the overall design of your building with a choice of green or brick colours and as such, look streamlined and aesthetically pleasing. A distinct benefit of integrated bat boxes is their considered design and solid construction. No maintenance will be required, as the angled design ensures that droppings do not mount up within the box.

< p>As each bat species tends to prefer something a little different for their roosting space, our roosting box comes in two different varieties. Our crevice box is ideal for pipistrelle bats, as there are two built-in crevices that are approximately 22mm in width. Alternatively, our cavity box comprises of a single open space measuring around 60mm in width. However, the most important thing to remember is that bats like a well-insulated space without any draughts, so they are sure to find a comfortable home within either of our bat boxes.

< p>Integrated bat boxes should be installed as high as possible on your building, in a spot that is both sunny and sheltered. If you have the space, placing a number of bat boxes in different locations will give the bats in your area some variety and ensure that you can provide a comfortable and safe space for as many bats as possible.

< p>Patience is key when it comes to helping bats find their potential new residence, and it may take a little time before any bats find and explore your bat boxes. Look out for droppings and listen for chittering noises, particularly on warm afternoons, as these are indicators that you have some new friendly additions to your home. You are also likely to see them flying around at night time, where they can put on some very impressive performances as they feed on insects and small bugs.

< p>It is incredibly important to note that once your bat box is installed, you can only go up to check on it if you have an appropriate licence, as bats are highly protected.

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