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Bat Box Wooden DIY Kit

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Product Features:
  • Easy to assemble
  • Everything included - you just need a screwdriver and hammer
  • Can be used on buildings or trees
  • A great way for families to get involved with nature and conservation
  • FSC certified birch plywood
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As the landscape of the UK changes, and humans encroach more and more into the natural environment, bat roosting sites are becoming increasingly scarce. Bat boxes can greatly assist bats by supplying suitable roosting spots, where there is a deficit of natural roosts. This bat box kit provides a comfortable, secure, dry bat shelter that are protected from draughts.

The kit contains everything you need to build your very own bat nest box - all you'll need is a hammer and screwdriver. The panels of the box have been cut from FSC certified birch plywood, which means you can be assured that it's been ethically produced and manufactured to a high standard. Instructions for completing the box are included, and they are designed to be easy to follow. The box doesn't require any sawing, as all the pieces are cut perfectly to size, meaning your new bat box will be up and running in no time. All the nails and screws required are also included in the kit.

This bat nest box kit is perfect for families and a great way to encourage your kids to get involved with nature and conservation. The box can be mounted on a building or tree of your choosing. For the best results it should be located as high up as possible - so either on a very tall tree or on the upper floors of a building. Ideally, the chosen spot should be well sheltered and should receive plenty of sunlight, but placing several boxes facing in different directions is the best scenario. This allows the bats to select their preferred conditions for sleeping in.

Once your bat box is in place, you can sit back and wait for bats to move in. It pays to be patient, when waiting for bats to arrive. Bats are wild animals and it takes them time to explore their environment, so the chances are that they will take a little time to discover their new home. It's also possible that you won't notice bats residing in your box, even when they are present. Unless you carefully watch after darkness falls and spot bats entering and leaving the box, it's easy to miss the signs that a box is occupied. Spotting droppings on the landing area of the box, and hearing bat chittering sounds on warm days and evenings are sure signs that some neighbourhood bats have moved in.

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