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Bat Box with Grey Apex Roof

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£11.99 £15.99
Product Features:
  • Size: 26cm wide, 12cm deep and 42cm high
  • Two pre-drilled fixing holes
  • Horizontally grooved rear inner wall
  • Attractive apex roof
  • Open bottom to deter unwanted visitors

Price: £11.99
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Enjoying your garden to the full includes sitting and watching daylight fade to dusk on a long summer evening. One of the joys of this time can be the sight of bats filling the night sky, and you can help to prevent the decline of these fascinating creatures by installing a bat box in your garden. Bat numbers are declining due to the reduction of areas of natural habitat, so making your garden more bat friendly can help to secure their future.

In addition to being attractive to watch, the presence of bats indicates a healthy and green environment, that is beneficial to people as well as bats. Since bats feed on a variety of insects, including nuisance insects and garden pests such as moths and mosquitoes, encouraging them to take up residence by installing a bat box can also help your garden. Among the other steps you can take to attract bats to your garden are to build a pond, plant night scented flowers, reduce artificial lighting and allow some areas of the garden to become slightly wild.

This bat nest box features an apex roof which has been dip treated with a water based non-toxic wood stain in anthracite grey to make it even more attractive.

The bat house is manufactured from pinewood and has decorative vertical grooves milled on the front panel. The rear inner wall also features grooves, but these are horizontal to assist with nesting, by providing an easy to grip surface. The bat box is easy to hang in your chosen location as the extended rear wooden panel, which provides a landing plate, also has two pre-drilled holes to use. It also features an open bottom to reduce the problem of unwanted visitors. Bat houses need to be rainproof and free from draughts.

Ideally, your bat nest box should be placed facing south to south east, in a place that benefits from early sun and sunlight throughout the day as bats like a warm environment. It can be installed on a wall or a tree, but should be a minimum of 12 feet from the ground. Try not to site the box too near to trees that may host predators such as hawks or owls. Bats need a clear flight path, but some shelter is preferable.

The dimensions of the bat house make it an ideal home for our native British bats.

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