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How to choose a commercial pizza oven for your business

Pizza ovens have become increasingly popular both commercially and domestically within recent years. They are a quick and effective way to cook a variety of food including, you guessed it, pizza. Not only are they practical but they also look great and add a look of sophistication and nostalgia to a restaurant. So, if you’re considering purchasing a commercial pizza oven for your business then there is certain criterion that you want to prioritise when reviewing your options. We’re going to cover the most important aspects to consider helping you decide which pizza oven will suit your business needs the best.


Picking the correct size pizza oven for business use is imperative. Now, the first step to ensuring that you select the right size for your needs is to understand how much can be cooked within a pizza oven. If possible, attempt to forecast popularity for items that can be cooked within your oven to gauge how large the cooking surface must be. Dome pizza ovens are the common style used within businesses as they can provide an even cook across the surface area. When looking at the dimensions of multiple ovens it can all become quite confusing, so make sure to note the measurements of each applicable option for comparison purposes.

Outer Dimensions

Before you begin looking at the outer dimensions of any pizza ovens, measure the available space that you have in your property as this will help you remove any inapplicable options. The available sizes for pizza ovens suitable for commercial use range from 90cm x 90cm onwards; therefore, it’s important to know which size fits your needs best. Also ensure that you have sufficient height as you don’t want the oven too close to your ceiling (unless the oven can insulate the majority of the heat created). You will also need to consider ventilation so check your oven has a flue and you have the room for the smoke to escape. 

Internal Dimensions

Now, these dimensions are just as important as the outer dimensions; don’t be mistaken and think that these two sets of dimensions will be the same. The main internal measurement to look for in a commercial pizza oven is the cooking surface area. To gauge your optimum cooking surface, you should use your forecast from earlier alongside the size of the food you need to cook (e.g. 11” pizza).  You can also use your oven size to dictate your menu – for example if you have a larger oven, you could offer larger pizzas on your menu whereas if you opt for a smaller oven your menu may have constraints. It’s important to note that although the outer dimensions may fit your criteria, if the walls of the oven are very thick then your cooking surface can be dramatically reduced.

Another very important factor to note is the weight of the oven. You can often assume that a large oven made with heavy materials (such as brick) will weigh a lot, but it is best to confirm. You may need to build a stand for your pizza oven and with certain models weighing upwards of 1100kg, you will need to ensure that the stand is sturdy and able to handle this weight on a permanent basis.


Pizza ovens for commercial use come in a vast array of designs with an equally impressive range of materials used. You want to consider the interior design of your property when deciding which material and style you opt for. Your choices include a pizza oven with stone, a pizza oven with bricks, stainless steel, mosaic finish, and cast-iron entry ways. So, the hardest choice you will have is deciding which material suits the style of your business the most. You will also have a decision to make regarding the cooking surface, with options including terracotta tiles and fire brick; so, make sure to pick the style that best suits you.

Cooking times

Pizza ovens have a reputation for being one of the quickest ways to cook. Exactly how long it takes will depends on the model you select, so here is what to look for when choosing:

-          Maximum temperature it can achieve (this can be up to 500 Celsius)

-          Speed of maximum heat (some reach 400 Celsius within 60 minutes, some reach 350 Celsius in 10)

-          Heat retention (look for the level of insulation)

It’s important to note that you can add extra insulation to many models of pizza oven; if you’re model of choice is applicable for this then we recommend consulting a professional to ensure that this is done safely and correctly. This factor, along with previous others, is dependent on the needs of your business; it is best to understand the cooking time you will need before selecting your model. Insulating your pizza oven further will trap more of the heat inside and can quicken your cooking time.

Different types of restaurant and their requirements

With such a large variety of styles and designs available, you won’t be hard pushed to find one that matches your restaurant. If your restaurant is located within smaller premises, with a lesser requirement for a pizza oven then you will be more suited towards our smaller range of ovens. These will often provide you with the ability to cook two pizzas simultaneously. In smaller premises, you may opt for a pizza oven with a window to show your customers their delicious food in the making. If your property has a vintage stonewall design then a pizza oven with stone features is a good choice to add to the feel of your restaurant, and these can be found in a range of sizes so there’s something for everyone. If you’re in the market for a more conventional looking commercial oven then you may want to opt for a pizza oven with hood; as these are an effective way to cook as quickly as possible while maintaining a professional look.

So, if you’re a restaurant wondering “are pizza ovens worth it?”, the answer is yes! Without a doubt, they will be one of the best investments you can make; they provide the taste, the look, and the feel of a premier establishment. Remember, before making your decision make sure that you have measured correctly, you know exactly what you need it for, and you have a forecast ready of how popular your oven-cooked food will be. Now all you have to do is decide which one meets your requirements, enjoy!