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Telescopic Garden Hedge Shears

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Product Features:
  • Extend from 65cm to 83cm
  • Handles can be adjusted separately
  • Ergonomically designed comfort handles with soft grip
  • Ideal for all smaller woody and green growth
  • Integral tension adjuster
Price: £16.49
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If you like to keep your garden in tip top shape, it’s likely that you already have a trusty pair of shears handy, ready to grab as soon as you notice a rogue strand of hedge or messy border. Another must-have bit of kit is a pair of Telescopic Hedge Shears, which are designed to safely reach the higher levels of your planting scheme, including any trees or large bushes you may have on your plot. Luckily, our Hecht 036WLG Telescopic Hedge Shears tick all the boxes when it comes to usability, value for money and good looks.

There are a whole range of shrubs, bushes and trees that need to be pruned back on a pretty regular basis, particularly in early spring and autumn. During these seasons, a pair of shears with a telescopic capability really will make your life that little bit easier. They are ideal for reaching into the hidden depths of various dense varieties and also make reaching over any tricky borders trouble free.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when picking out the perfect pair of telescopic shears. They are available in a range of lengths, so if you know you have any particularly inaccessible trees or shrubs in your garden, going for a pair with longer handles makes perfect sense. The Hecht Telescopic Hedge Shears have handles that can be adjusted individually, meaning they can be set to your exact specifications. Do also bear in mind that very heavy shears can be hard to use for an extended period of time, so are best avoided if your outside space is large.

Comfort is crucial - easy grip padded handles such as those on the Hecht ones will make pruning back a far more pleasant task. The blades of the shears should be of excellent quality and very sharp. A tension adjuster is another must have feature, as this allows you to fix a bespoke setting for various different types of pruning work. These shears also benefit from a locking mechanism so that they don’t operate accidentally when they are not in use.

The 20cm wavy-shaped blades that feature on these shears are designed to effortlessly trap twigs, making cutting easer. They are absolutely ideal for trimming and shaping hedges, pruning back green growth and smaller wood work.

When you invest in a quality piece of garden equipment, you will want to make sure they provide you with years of great service. To this end, keep your Hecht shears in great condition by rubbing them down with some white spirit after each use to remove traces of resin or sap, then treat them to a quick oiling before putting them away.

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