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Telescopic Garden Anvil Pruners

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Product Features:
  • Extend from 63 - 95cm long
  • Soft grip handles
  • Compound action anvil blades
  • Modern black and red design
  • Serrated blade
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The Hecht 020ALGG Telescopic Anvil Pruners are an essential part of any gardener’s arsenal, and are ideal for hard to reach pruning, especially when dealing with dead or dried out plants. Sometimes referred to as tree loppers, or hand loppers, long arm pruners such as these make light work of pruning, and unlike handheld pruners, they are necessary for the cutting of any dead wood over 1cm in diameter.

These telescopic pruners extend from 63cm to 95cm long. To lengthen the pruners simply turn the handles to unlock them and pull to extend before locking again in position. All of this can be done whilst holding them normally, using a twisting wrist action to lock and unlock. The fully extended length of 95cm enables users to reach high into trees and also far back into shrubs or into awkward spots.

These pruners feature an anvil blade. Anvil blades use a compound action whereby a sharper blade crushes the material onto a flat surface below. This sort of blade is ideal for dried out or dead plants. These type of blades are also good for live branches that you wish to halt the growth of, as it damages the health of the branch by making short shrift of soft tissue.

Anvil blades, especially in conjunction with longer handles, require less power from the user than bypass blades, making faster work of all pruning jobs. The upper blade is also serrated, enabling it to hold branches firmly as the blade closes.

These Hecht Telescopic Pruners are constructed in steel, with long powder-coated arms and rubber grips. The arms are black and red for a sleek, modern look and the rubber handles prevent slippage and improve your grip.

When you have finished pruning, be sure to lock the loppers back into their shortest position for easy storage. Wipe the blade clean with a small amount of white spirit applied with a rag. After this, apply a little WD40 to the blade area to prevent rusting. Provided you routinely do these actions, your anvil pruners will remain in perfect condition for many years. Be sure to then store your pruners away safely in a lockable shed.

These telescopic anvil pruners have been designed and constructed by Hecht, the leading garden equipment manufacturer of the Czech Republic. Hecht has won numerous awards since it began distributing in the EU, and is renowned for its sturdy builds and great looking designs.

These telescopic pruners are ideal for avid gardeners, but also for those tasked with maintaining wooded areas such as park rangers or landscape gardeners. The easy to use function of both the compound anvil blade and the telescopic feature makes these pruners a pleasure to work with.

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