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Spring Loaded Garden Shears

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Product Features:
  • Overall length: 44cm
  • Soft grip, ergonomically designed handles
  • Suitable for hedge and grass trimming
  • Tension adjuster
  • Easy to use safety catch
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Embrace your green fingers and give your garden some TLC, and you will be rewarded by an outside space that is a pleasure to spend time in. Because all gardens are different, you’ll need to spend a bit of time establishing which tools will best help you keep your particular plot in tip-top condition.

When you are looking for garden tools, there are three main things to think about: their function, their durability and their comfort. Think about factors such as how often you’ll be using the equipment, how long you are hoping it will last and, of course, set a budget for the purchase. Most keen gardeners will have at least one pair of shears in their gardening arsenal, and our Hecht 041C classic garden shears are an absolutely ideal bit of kit as they are excellent value for money and are manufactured to an extremely high standard.

Hedging shears come in a variety of weights and sizes, so do shop around before picking out your perfect pair. Smaller varieties with short blades are ideal if you intend to undertake ‘soft’ trimming tasks such as hedge work or neatening heathers or herbaceous perennials. However, if you have more rustic, twiggy bushes or hedges on your property, you’ll need a larger, tougher pair of shears.

Generally speaking, the more hardcore the shears, the weightier they will be. If you struggle to handle heavy weights, then the 16cm spring loaded blades on these general purpose garden shears are ideal.

These days, garden shears are available with a wide range of features. These shears by Hecht have been specially designed with soft grip, ergonomic handles, which cushion your hands during use and ensure you can keep gardening for prolonged periods of time without the risk of blisters or rubbing. With a convenient tension adjuster to maximise performance and an easy to use safety catch, they are simple to operate and can be safely stored in your shed or outbuilding when no longer needed.

Most garden aficionados use their shears to tidy up the edges of their lawn after mowing. In an ideal world this should be done every time you mow, as this allows any clippings to break down naturally but unobtrusively. Lawn edging is often a hated chore among those blessed with green fingers and it is hard going if you use a lopping action. Instead try holding just one of the handles (lower blade) and then simply move the handle that is connected to the upper - a much simpler and less demanding way to achieve results that are just as good. The Hecht 041C shears are ideally suited to this purpose, and their long blades make short work of tidying up your lawn's edges.

Whichever shears you own and whatever you are using them for, you will find them much easier to use if you take good care of them, and they’ll last much longer too.

Sap from the trees and shrubs quickly builds up on the shear’s blades, which makes them sticky and harder to operate. Try and get into the habit of rubbing them down with some white spirit after every use and then give them a quick oil (a bit of WD40 sprayed on an old cloth is ideal). Give them a regular MOT, checking that the tension is set correctly and also treat the pivot point to a regular oiling then they will look after you when you need them.

These general purpose garden shears are ideal for both hedge and grass trimming (small woody and green growth).

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