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One Handed Garden Shears with Swivel Blades

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Product Features:
  • Multi-purpose and versatile
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Simple safety catch
  • Spring-loaded handle
  • Easy-to-spot design
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Gardening can sometimes seem like a bit of a chore but with the right tools, such as the Hecht One-Handed Garden Shears, it can become a pleasurable and satisfying experience. Forget aching hands and wrists, these shears are designed to look after you and your garden, managing even the hardest to reach places with ease.

If you’re an avid gardener, you’ll already know the importance of investing in great tools and, if not, you’ll soon see the benefits when you get your hands on these quality shears from Hecht. They make what could be time-consuming tasks easy to complete with the minimum amount of effort and fuss.

You’ll certainly not want to be without them once you’ve tried them out, which is just one of the reasons why you’ll appreciate their vibrant orange and grey design. Yes, they look stylish (and for some gardeners this is important) but if you’re of a more practical persuasion, their colouring will also make them easy to find.

It’s so easy to accidentally lose tools which are hidden amongst the clippings and waste in your garden, but these easy-to-spot shears should make such mistakes far less likely - and therefore less costly, of course. You’ll also avoid having to spend half your day trying to track down the shears that you were sure you put down right beside your feet, rather than accomplishing the tasks you really need to do.

With their simple-to-operate safety catch, these shears are designed with their operator firmly in mind. They make it easy to stay safe and to work for long periods without having to worry about blisters, callouses and aches and pains later in the day.

The spring-loaded handle makes operation easy. Gardeners of all physical strengths will find these shears lightweight and easy to operate. They have been designed so that they can be used by left or right handed individuals and cleverly, the blades can be rotated 180° for added convenience. This also means that gardening tasks can be accomplished as quickly as possible, something that might be particularly important if gardening is more of a job to complete rather than a hobby to enjoy.

The Hecht One-Handed Garden Shears are an incredibly versatile purchase, suiting a multitude of different buyers and gardening tasks. They are perfect for pottering and for getting the job done, especially when it comes to trimming and edging lawns and for trimming back your topiary and foliage.

You could use them to create all sorts of interesting shapes from your trees or simply to ensure that your garden looks neat and tidy. Even difficult to reach areas shouldn’t prove a problem, thanks to their convenient, well-thought-out and easy-to-use one-handed design.

Another major benefit of these Hecht gardening shears is that they are incredibly easy to maintain, offering the potential for years of use, with just a little care and attention. A small amount of white spirit wiped on with a rag will ensure that all resin and sap is removed before storing, and a spray of WD-40 after cleaning will easily keep rust at bay.

One handed garden shears with swivel blades

Great delivery, good product, safety catch a bit 'dodgy' but not too bothered. Certainly does the job.Thank you!

Very Pleased

Great product and very good service, was delivered next day
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