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Garden Bypass Secateurs with ergonomic handle

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Product Features:
  • Ideal for delicate stems
  • Bright, eye-catching ergonomic handle
  • Easy to use safety catch
  • High quality craftsmanship
  • 21cm overall length
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    Whatever the season, it’s always useful to have a good pair of secateurs to hand and the Hecht 421 garden secateurs are just perfect for all sorts of pruning tasks, and ready to spring into action. What’s more - they’re a real snip!

    With their bright orange handles, these Hecht secateurs are much less likely than darker coloured tools to get lost among the undergrowth, weeds, cuttings and general rubbish in your garden. For the urban or indoor gardener, they are stylish enough to be left conveniently on the windowsill of your kitchen when used for indoor work.

    Pruning is an important part of gardening and has three main objectives: to regulate growth, to improve the quality of fruits and flowers or to remove damaged, diseased or dead wood. The Hecht 421 addresses all of these requirements.

    Unlike anvil blade secateurs which work, as the name suggests, with one blade pressing the stem with a cutting blade against a fixed (anvil) blade to chop into the stem, these bypass secateurs work in a similar manner to a normal pair of household scissors, using two sharpened blades which slice against each other. Anvil blade secateurs are great for pruning thicker stems and branches which won’t be damaged by their pressing or chopping action. However, when more precise cuts are required, for example, when cutting roses and other more delicate plants such as grapevines or for flower arranging, then a pair of Hecht bypass secateurs is the ideal tool for you. They are also robust enough to prune and with a spring action to make light work of cutting.

    The angled shape of the blades combined with the ergonomic handles, affords great accuracy and control, particularly for those precious specimens you’ve spent so long taking great care of, or for pruning close to a bud to encourage new growth. With an overall length of only 21cm, the Hecht 421 secateurs fit snuggly into hands of all sizes, with the safety catch conveniently positioned such that it can be easily operated by thumb, rather than having a cumbersome, easily-damaged clip around the handles.

    To ensure your secateurs remain in top condition and ready for action, it is important to clean them after use as sap and resin from the plants can easily stain the blades and make the cutting surfaces sticky, causing damage to delicate plant stems the next time you use them. White spirit can be used to remove any sap and resin and a squirt of WD-40 or lubricating oil should be applied to keep the blades bright and shiny and the mechanism free from rust, before storing them away.

    Hecht produces a wide range of quality garden maintenance equipment, ranging from powerful 4-stroke petrol ride on mowers to small hand held tools, such as these scissor action secateurs, giving you a complete range to satisfy all your garden maintenance requirements. Why not treat yourself to the perfect tool to ensure your pruning remains a cut above?

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