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Garden Bypass Secateurs for Hand Pruning

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Product Features:
  • Soft grip handle
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to spot in garden waste
  • Simple to use safety catch
  • Perfect for delicate stems
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This pair of quality Soft Grip Secateurs offers the precision and comfort to prune even the most delicate of stems without bruising your plants. Your garden is your pride and joy, and you want to take care of your plants and shrubs, so why choose anything but the perfect tool for the job when pruning your prize roses or hydrangeas?

Pruning is essential to ensure that your trees, bushes and flowering plants look their best and live long, healthy and productive lives. Doing it badly can have completely the opposite effect however, causing damage to plants, trees and flowers that can be difficult, if not impossible, to put right. Fortunately, these Soft Grip Secateurs from Hecht offer the control you need to make shaping and nurturing as easy as possible.

They have a bypass design similar to standard scissors, meaning that the blades pass each other when cutting. This type of secateurs is perfect for even the most delicate of stems, because the bypass action is known to cause less bruising and damage to the stem than other designs.

Of course, you want to ensure that your plants and flowers aren’t damaged by your pruning - it is supposed to have the opposite effect, after all - but you also want to protect yourself. Thankfully, these soft grip secateurs offer the perfect design to keep both you and your plants safe.

With their ergonomic design and soft grip handle, the Hecht secateurs will allow you to spend all day snipping away happily, with no danger of sore fingers or blisters.

The grey and orange colouring of the secateurs is undeniably attractive, but this has a very practical purpose as well. The eye-catching colours make the secateurs easy to spot after you’ve put them down, and it means they’re not as likely to be thrown away by accident. This sets them apart from those pesky green or black pruning shears that seem to have a particular knack of hiding away amongst the clippings and leaping into the depths of the compost heap at the first opportunity.

Another handy feature of the Hecht Soft Handle Secateurs is the easy-to-operate safety catch. This makes them simple to secure and ensures there is no unintentional snipping if you place them in your pocket or leave them unattended.

They are also incredibly easy to clean and to keep in prime condition. A drop or two of white spirit and an old rag should be enough to get rid of any sap and resin after use and these secateurs should remain in perfect condition for a very long time.

Just remember to scrape off any stubborn stains before storing and give the blades a quick squirt with some WD-40 before you put them away. This will make sure that rust is never a problem and you can be confident that you’ll be primed for pruning the next time you see an unruly stem or shoot.

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