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Two Tier Hanging Plant Boxes

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Product Features:
  • Create beautiful displays all year round
  • Rustic appeal
  • Handy storage
  • Great for vegetables and herbs
  • Crates: 26.5x17x12cm with total overall height of 45cm
Price: £15.25
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Many of us have at least one zone dedicated to container gardening in our outside space. If so, you may be wondering how to mix things up a bit, using containers that are a little bit different from the plain plastic or clay pots and terracotta offerings seen stacked up high in most garden centres. The welcome move towards all things rustic means that it is wooden planters and storage – such as these aesthetically pleasing Manhattan Two Tier Hanging Boxes - that are really hitting the mark in all the best gardens this season. Adding some areas of container planting and hanging boxes and baskets to your garden really is the perfect way to add interest, and by doing some research into the very best pots and boxes, you’ll be able to invest in pieces that stand the test of time. As a bonus, this Two Tier box is versatile and can also be used to hang in a potting shed or elsewhere, as a place to store essential tools such as trowels, gardening gloves and twine.

A container needs to be roomy enough to provide plenty of space for both compost and roots, with plenty of water holes to avoid water-logging. If you are planting up some really large boxes or pots, get them into position before getting to work, as once filled with soil they will be very heavy.

Having a variety of different containers can add a real 'wow' factor to your garden, patio or terrace, and you can use practically any waterproof object that takes your fancy, from an old butler sink to a wellington boot, so long as you are able to add drainage holes. Container gardening is a great way in which to express your personality, so mixing up some quirky pieces with some high quality planters such as the Manhattan Two Tier Hanging Box is a great way to create a low maintenance garden with maximum impact.

Hanging baskets bring the plants and flowers up to eye level, adding vertical appeal to your outside space. There is a huge variety of hanging baskets and pots available, made from a range of mediums including plastic, wire and terracotta. For true classic style and longevity, most keen garden connoisseurs opt for wooden boxes, as they are wholly natural, thus fitting in seamlessly and sympathetically within any garden design, large or small.

Hanging baskets are the ideal choice when you want to create a powerful, cascading display of flowers and plants. Mix lush ferns with cheery trailing geraniums in a sunny spot, or to brighten a shady corner with a stunning splash of colours mix several varieties of surfinia.

Grow Boxes are not just for flowers though. More and more people are opting to give part of their garden over to growing vegetables, and this Two Tier Hanging Box is a perfect receptacle in which to do so. Winter greens including lettuce are a good pick, and in the warmer months, crops such as peppers or even strawberries should flourish, so long as you site your boxes in a sunny spot. It also makes an ideal home for a mix of fragrant herbs, perfect to add to your home cooking.

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