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Songbird Silhouette Plant Pot

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Product Features:
  • Pot, stand with songbird adornment included
  • Makes a great gift
  • Outdoor/indoor use
  • Hardwearing metal
  • Well made and artistic
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This adorable Songbird Silhouette Plant Pot & Stand is suitable for potting a wide range of plants, and can be placed either inside or outside. The pot and stand, as well as the attached songbird feature, are constructed in a hard-wearing metal. The metal has been finished in brown, which means it fits in nicely with any existing decor or garden design. The pot is of a medium size, ideal for small potted plants and flowers. Brighten up your garden or your windowsill with this cheery songbird plant pot.

The Songbird Silhouette Plant Pot & Stand is the perfect gift for any bird loving family member or friend. It’s the ideal accompaniment to a city or country garden, guaranteed to bring a smile to whoever sees it. The conical pot is held by a curved metal rod which then leads to the 2D bird, which appears to stand next to the pot.

The pot is removable from the stand. This makes it easier to take care of the plant whether it’s for feeding, watering, potting or pruning. Taking it apart in this way also makes it far easier to clean.

This bird plant pot and stand has been designed to be used in both the home and the garden, and will look fabulous placed inside or outdoors. The durable material of the plant pot means that it can be left out all year and won't degrade. Ideal spots include a windowsill where the bird is in full view, a patio or decked area, or in the front garden.

The 2D songbird has been carefully cut out to create a striking brown silhouette. The bird appears to be singing to the sky and is reminiscent of a common nightingale.

This songbird can keep watch over your garden, whilst also holding a lovely potted plant. When placed outside in a shaded patio area, the pot is ideal for posies, geraniums, fuchsias, violas and busy lizzies. The best plants for placing this pot in a sunny outside area are nasturtium, sweet pea and petunia. When placed in a sunny indoor place, the pot is ideal for plants like an aloe, money plant or peace lily. Any plants that need to be able to drain when watered should be placed in a plastic tub (with drainage hole) first, with both the plant and the plastic pot then placed into the metal pot.

An absolutely unique and beautiful gift for a green fingered friend, especially one who enjoys bird watching or simply the sound of birdsong. Perfectly designed to be placed indoors or outdoors, this statement pot should be put in pride of place where visitors and guests can enjoy it too.

Also in this range, you’ll find the equally adorable Owl Silhouette Plant Pot and Stand. The songbird and owl make the perfect couple, whether they are placed on a windowsill or in the garden.

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