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Seville Bowl Plant Pot in Serene Peridot

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Product Features:
  • Suitable for indoors or outside
  • Attractive pale green with light beige rim
  • Lightweight, durable design
  • Endurance tested in the Canadian Rockies
  • Can withstand temperatures to -30°C
Price: £19.95
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The container you choose for your plants can be as eye-catching as the plants themselves, and when a beautiful pot is married with some lovely flowers, the effect can be utterly striking. In fact, a sub-standard pot will never do blooms any justice, no matter how ravishing they look.

When you choose the Seville Plant Bowl in Serene Peridot, you don't need to worry about this container letting any of your plants down. This eye-pleasing bowl is attractive and captivating in its own right, and will gain admiration from others wherever it is displayed.

This lovely bowl has got everything going for it. When it comes to good looks, it has been blessed. Comprised of a soft green glossy exterior and a rustic light beige matt rim, these two tones of the bowl complement each other to perfection. Two detailed beige and green decals have also been added to opposite sides of the bowl, to add a decorative touch that enhances the stylish appeal of this container.

The soft, muted tones of this bowl exude a warm vibe, which will really bring depth and richness to flowers or plants with deep or striking shades. Although the colours of the bowl veer towards a neutral palette, this works in its favour, as it means it will blend in happily with any setting or any type or colour of plant and flower.

It is not just the colours of this bowl that get a resounding thumbs up - its shape is also something to write home about! Attractive and easy on the eye, this bowl boasts an elegant contour that tapers out from the base. Measuring 21.5cm at the base, with a 35cm diameter rim, you have got plenty of space to add your flowers.

Ideal for indoors or outdoors, this bowl offers incredible versatility for any plant enthusiast. It is the kind of container you will be reaching for time and again to enhance your planting displays. Whether you use it to show off winter bulbs indoors, or later on in spring or summer for annual displays of blooms outside, this bowl is sure to enjoy plenty of use. Should you decide to use this bowl indoors, it is recommended you place it on a saucer or something similar.

This bowl also offers versatility when it comes to the kind of setting or ambience you want to create. When filled with lavender or red geraniums, it gives your garden a feel of the Mediterranean, yet add sweet peas or violets and your bowl can instantly enhance a cottage garden type of vibe. This pot also earns its place in a kitchen garden, where it will happily show off herbs to their very best.

Good looks were not the only priority that featured when the Seville Plant Bowl in Serene Peridot was made. It has also been designed to offer great practicality and durability. With a lightweight feel this bowl is easy to move around the home or garden, yet is strong and sturdy enough to provide the support your plants require.

Unlike some plant containers that fall apart easily or show their age after a single season, this bowl scores highly when it comes to durability. Handmade from an innovative combination of stone, fibreglass and high-density resin, you can feel confident this bowl is made to last.

In fact, it has even been endurance tested in the Canadian Rockies, where it has shown to be able to withstand temperatures as low as -30°C. This means, that if you want to keep your bowl outside in the winter, you do not need to worry about it getting damaged by the frost.

In terms of practicality, the makers of this bowl have thought of everything. Any good gardener knows the importance of drainage when placing plants in containers, and soggy, waterlogged specimens will soon perish under these conditions. To control the level of drainage for your plants, this bowl comes with a handy bung that can be removed, for drilling a drainage hole, if required.

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