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Rustic Shower Head Plant Pot

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Product Features:
  • Fun and quirky design
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Perfect for all types of plants and flowers
  • Designed to weather well
  • Durable and high quality
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You might take caring for your garden very seriously but that doesn’t mean that you can’t inject an element of fun into your outside space. The Vonia shower plant pots are perfect for this, offering plenty of practical performance and a good showering of quirky fun. Why settle for no-frills potting choices when you can enjoy these stunning options, even before the plants have been put in?

These vintage-looking pots measure 13.7cm by 12.3cm by 54cm, making them perfect for all sorts of plants and flowers. Created in powder-coated zinc alloy, they are also ideal for use in any outside spaces - or inside if you prefer. They’re the perfect size for a whole host of different plants and flowers - and locations, as well.

You can easily add drainage holes if you decide you want to use one or more of these pots outdoors, and the material is designed to weather well and naturally in your outside space. This means that, far from requiring lots of care and maintenance, these pots could end up looking better and better, the longer they stay outdoors. You’ll never have to worry about moving them indoors if the weather is bad, unless your plants need it, of course. Instead, you can enjoy these beautiful additions to your outdoor space at any time of the year, even if you’re only looking at them through a window.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a well-established garden and, once weathered, these Vonia shower plant pots will give the impression of an area that has been cultivated and cared for over a long period.

Some plant pots are purely containers aimed at offering somewhere to grow your favourite plants, flowers or vegetables, but these pots are so much more. Their quirky and interesting design makes them a talking point in their own right and their appeal can only grow once you have potted up your choice of plants. These are pots with personality and they are perfect for showing off your fun side as well.

The design is also as practical and versatile as it is fun. You could team up a couple of the shower pots as part of a bigger display, or simply have one or two on your patio or balcony. However many you choose to own, they’re sure to draw comments and compliments in your outside space.

Alternatively, this pot with its overhanging shower head looks just as stunning if used as an indoor accessory. How about filling one with herbs and keeping it close at hand in the kitchen, or using it as a talking point on a sideboard or shelf?

One of the best things about these pots is that they would look great almost anywhere, from a bedroom to a bathroom, and containing almost anything. Even if your fingers are far from green, you could still make use of one of two of these lovely pots - holding artificial plants or flowers, of course.

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