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Owl Silhouette Plant Pot

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Product Features:
  • Brown finish
  • Pot and stand included
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Durable metal construction
  • Playful owl silhouette
Price: £7.95
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This playful Owl Silhouette Plant Pot & Stand can be used indoors or outdoors, as the perfect container for potting a wide range of plants and flowers. The medium sized plant pot is accompanied by a stand and the silhouette of an owl, all of which have been constructed in hardwearing metal and finished in brown. This owl is ideal for keeping watch over your precious plants, fruits or herbs, or simply as a cheery accompaniment to a garden, patio or indoor space.

The Owl Silhouette Plant Pot & Stand makes for the ideal gift for an owl-loving friend or bird spotting loved one and it’s guaranteed to brighten up any space it’s placed in. The pot itself can be removed from the stand, making it easy to water, pot or prune as and when you need to. It also means it’s easy to clean either the pot or just the stand and owl, when necessary. The stand itself is formed of a metal circle which holds the pot and a longer metal rod and oblong that connects it to the owl.

The pot can be placed inside and looks ideal on a windowsill in a sunny part of the house. Be sure to leave this eye-catching plant pot somewhere that guests will spot it. It also looks ideal in the garden, where the owl will be keeping a watchful eye on the garden, from her stationary position by the pot. This clever owl silhouette may also help scare off birds from precious plants that keep getting eaten by pests.

The 2D owl has been carefully constructed to create a striking silhouette with the eyes, jowls, beak and wing and feather pattern cut out to allow the sun to shine through.

Let this friendly owl keep watch over your garden, whilst also holding a beautiful potted plant. The pot is ideal for geraniums, viola, fuchsia or busy lizzy plants, when used outside on a shaded patio area. The best plants for planting in this pot in a sunny area includes sweet pea, nasturtium, verbena and petunia. When used inside in a sunny spot, the pot is ideal for plants like the hardy aloe, peace lilies or spider, rubber and money plants. Plants that require drainage should be placed in a plastic tub with a drainage hole before being placed in the pot.

This is the perfect gift for a loved one, or simply a gift to yourself. Every garden needs a few cheeky animals to brighten it up, especially ones in metal form like this lovable owl. Built to last, the metal construction and brown finish of this durable plant pot and stand ensures it can be left out all year round without degrading.

A matching black metal Songbird Silhouette Plant Pot and Stand is also available. The owl and bird look perfect when coupled together in the garden or on a windowsill.

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