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Lucas Round Garden Planters Set of 3

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Product Features:
  • Beautiful antique finish
  • Three different sizes
  • Perfect for all sorts of plants and flowers
  • Easy to maintain
  • Designed to last
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If you want to grow beautiful plants and flowers or delicious fruit and vegetables, you need equally stunning planters to show them off to perfection. This trio of Lucas planters are the ideal solution, effortlessly combining practical performance with outstanding looks that would enhance any outside space.

Made from zinc alloy, the planters have a distinctive antique finish and are designed to age naturally in your garden. This makes maintenance a breeze and ensures that they will still be looking outstanding as the years go by. You certainly won’t have to worry about leaving them outside in all weathers - they’re designed to look like that has happened, after all. This is perfect when you want to be concentrating on looking after your plants, flowers and vegetables, rather than the pots they're in.

The trio of sizes and their chic and stylish design make them perfect for a multitude of uses and a huge variety of settings. They would look just as beautiful holding herbs on a balcony as they would holding hardy perennials in the grounds of a mansion. Outside or even in, this is a trio of pots that will make perfect planting as easy as sitting back with a G&T on a hot summer’s day.

The largest planter measures 31cm by 24cm, making it big enough to hold a considerable number of plants or flowers while not being so big that you’d need the aforementioned mansion just to make it look right! It is big enough for a single small fruit tree, for example, or a whole selection of beautiful plants. The medium planter measures 26.5cm by 20cm and the smallest is 21cm by 18cm. One of the really great things about these planters is that they look as beautiful on their own as they do as a set. This opens up a world of possibility in terms of how you make use of them and where and how you choose to position them.

You could split them up or use them to create a three-strong display. You could position one on the lawn and one either side of the patio doors or two out the front and one out the back. Alternatively, they would look great in a conservatory or on a balcony. Wherever you choose to position them, you won’t be disappointed by the appearance you get. What’s more, if you fancy a change or decide you’d prefer them positioned somewhere else, these planters have convenient handles to make the job as simple as can be.

Talking of the simple things in life, this trio of Lucas planters turns simplicity into an art form. Even empty, they look stunning thanks to their muted colours and interesting design, yet, once filled with luscious greenery or vibrant colours, they are transformed once again into the perfect pots for plants. Just as a great picture frame can be beautiful without detracting from the artwork it contains, these round planters are the perfect display tools whilst being supremely stylish all by themselves.

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