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iQbana Set of 3 Graduated Square Planters

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Product Features:
  • Light and easily moved
  • Very strong and long-lasting
  • Resistant to UV
  • May be used inside or out
  • Set of three square planters – 32cm, 39cm and 48cm
Price: £119.00
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Less is quite often, more! In this case, this set of three graduated square planters from iQbana is plain and simple in appearance but packed with features thanks to the material they are made from.

Expanded Polypropylene, or EPP is a closed-cell bead foam with a range of unique and versatile properties. Consequently, these planters are exceptionally light but very tough and durable. Capable of withstanding incredible temperature variations, between 40°C and -40°C, they are both frost and heat resistant.

These planters benefit from effective thermal insulation so will protect root systems, whilst the EPP is breathable so plants will not suffocate. It’s also satisfying to know that if you wish to grow fruit or vegetables, or have youngsters around, these planters are safe from toxins and are food approved so there can be no contamination.

EPP has a smooth appearance, so is easy to clean and will not scratch floors, perfect for use inside or out and when your planters have come to the end of a long and useful life, an added bonus is that they can be recycled.

Available in a choice of grey or black, the set comprises a 32cm, 39cm and 48cm square planter – all great sizes to be able to plant a substantial mixed display which can be grouped together to make a magnificent focal point in your garden, or scattered around the garden to bring colour and light to otherwise dark corners.

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