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Garden Obelisks Set of 3

6 Review(s)
Product Features:
  • Rustic metal finish
  • Large: 122x27.5cm
  • Medium: 105x21cm
  • Small: 93x18cm
  • Perfect addition to any garden
Price: £29.50
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A beautiful garden that looks at its best all year round is the result of three separate factors: decent plant and flower selections, thoughtful siting and, perhaps less obviously, high quality flower supports. Even the most carefully curated borders need some level of scaffolding, and the beautifully crafted set of three small Chedworth Obelisks will certainly meet all your needs at this vital stage of garden design.

Many popular varieties of plants and flowers naturally tend towards the wild, and require structured support in order for them to appear at their most aesthetically pleasing. Whether you are planning a fragrant herbaceous border, a wall of climbing roses, or even hope to grow vegetables such as runner beans, if you leave your planting scheme to its own devices it will tend naturally to sprawl wildly, which might not be exactly the overall effect you are after. Fret not though, because with a bit of planning, you can nip this in the bud by installing a range of high quality supports such as these from the Chedworth Collection, thus ensuring your garden will grow and mature in a controlled manner.

The main thing to remember is to try and support any plants that need a bit of help as early as possible in the growing calendar. It is essential to try and avoid damaging newly emerged growth or shoots. The optimum time to add in your new supports is during the early spring, as you carry out your routine preparatory work for the new season. Any time after this point, you are likely to find that your plants have undergone a growth spurt, making them much harder to work with.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to approach supporting flowers and other plants: to prevent and to fix. If you are planting varieties that are known to flop (for example the pretty but temperamental double peony), the aim is to add support before the plant is of a size to need it. By doing so, you should ensure that the plant will grow within and around the support, resulting in an integrated effect that is very pleasing indeed to the eye. Conversely, you can also add support after the fact, should you notice a problem that needs remedial action, such as a plant that has drooped unexpectedly.

There are three main plant support designs: the concealed, the ornamental and the rustic. Hidden supports may include trellis support or wires to tie in more exuberant climbers. Once the plant or flower they support is fully mature, they become camouflaged amongst the growth.

Ornamental supports are normally made from wood or metal, and are an ideal way to add structure to your outside space, particularly during the winter months when growth is inevitably less pronounced. This highly desirable set of three small Chedworth Obelisks in staggered sizes are presented in a delightful rustic metal finish, with attractive finial that will grace any garden. Metal supports are far more durable than their wooden counterpart, and they look more stylish too.

Garden Obelisks

An excellent product. Sturdy and looks good in the garden. Very quick delivery and well packed.

Excellent Quality

I am really impressed with the quality of the obelsiks. They are great value for money and I would definitely recommend them. The Delivery time was quick and custoner services were very helpful

Excellent quality

Beautiful to look at and very sturdy products at an excellent price. We are very impressed by the quality and would recommend to enhance the garden.

Set of three obelisks

Nice product, looks great, ideal for clematis etc. I bit fiddly to put together but got there if they do not line up swap the internal ring supports around. All in all pleased looks good in the garden, just need the clematisto grow now!

3 Obelisks

Am very pleased with these. They arrived within 48 hours of ordering. They were easily assembled, look great and are very sturdy. Am glad I found them!

Sturdy support

Very pleased with these supports. Easy to put together and much more sturdy than expected. Appearance and colour is as pictured. Look great and just as good as other supports several times the price of these. The top has a nice ornamental detail but doesn't detract from the plant. Would definitely purchase again. Purchse and delivery process was great too.
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