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Fitzwilliam Round Garden Planters Set of 3

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Product Features:
  • Set of three coordinated planters
  • Graduated in size, easy to store
  • Zinc alloy with an antique finish
  • Designed to age and weather naturally
  • Attractive rustic design, will complement any garden
Price: £73.95
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Bring a touch of old English charm to your garden, with the graceful yet substantial Fitzwilliam planters. These delightful zinc alloy pots will age with the weather, becoming part of your garden and a stunning design feature. They will take on muted colours and blend perfectly with any garden, and in a matter of months, they will look as though they have been there for centuries. Your garden will instantly feel older and more established, with the addition of this stunning collection.

Lovers of vintage and heritage gardens will fall in love with this lovely set of coordinated planters. The three pots are designed to complement one another, and can be stacked for storage if necessary. However, we bet you will want to use them all year round, and they will soon become a favourite permanent feature in your garden. Manufactured in zinc alloy, these planters have a beautiful antique finish, which will naturally age with the weather. Zinc alloy is an incredibly strong yet versatile material, which combines flexibility, strength, rigidity and toughness. The Fitzwilliam planters will therefore prove virtually indestructible in your garden. Unlike terracotta pots, these zinc ones won't crack in the frost, or shatter when hit with a child's football or greeted enthusiastically by a clumsy dog.

The three planters have a very traditional rustic cauldron shape. The main body of the pot tapers, then finishes in a distinct lip. On either side, there are feature handles, which add to the antique appearance of the pot. At the base, there are three inconspicuous feet, which keep the planters clear of the ground.

The planters come in sets of three, and in a set, you will receive a large one, measuring 40 x 28cm (diameter x height), a mid-sized one measuring 33 x 24cm, and a small one which measures 25.5 x 21cm. You can decide whether you want to display them together in a coordinated grouping, or dotted separately around the garden.

Whatever you decide to fill them with, these pots will make your garden look charming, chic and rustic. Fill them with snowdrops and cyclamens for an understated winter display. Pack with crocuses and tiny narcissi for an early spring treat. Alternatively, you could choose an old fashioned tulip variety to provide April colour. In summer, you can pack the pots with elegant marguerites or astrantias, astilbe, lavender or lush ferns. You could even use your pots to plant quick flowering annual seeds, such as night scented stocks or nicotiana, to provide a cottage garden ambience. Cheerful English classics like nasturtiums, geraniums and marigolds also look a picture in these planters, and the bright colours of the flowers offset the subtle hues of the antique finish. Towards the end of the year, you could pack the planters with winter flowering pansies, to ensure you have colour in your garden all year round. Alternatively, these planters look just as good potted up with small herb specimens, such as purple sage, parsley, basil and chives. In other words, get creative, experiment, and enjoy the balance of elegance and whimsy that these planters bring to your garden.

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