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Hardwood Garden Picnic Table and Bench

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Product Features:
  • Made using beautiful Meranti tropical hardwood
  • Measures 120 x 150 x 75cm
  • Suitable for sheltered garden locations
  • Manufactured by award winning Czech garden machinery designer, Hecht
  • Get your garden ready for summer!
Price: £99.00
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Hecht are one of the foremost suppliers of garden machinery and accessories in Europe. Based in the Czech Republic, they pride themselves on a unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern engineering.

This lovely outdoor dining set is based on a classic picnic table design. Great for informal meals like barbecues and pizza parties, or even just for summer drinks on the terrace, you can enjoy the flexibility and simplicity of this wonderful addition to your garden. We all have great memories of outdoor gatherings round picnic tables in our childhood summers and now you can make new ones with this affordable, stylish set from Hecht.

Originally designed to be used in beer gardens, this product is suitable for a wide range of domestic outdoor dining pursuits. However, it could be used in a commercial setting such as a pub or restaurant, to provide somewhere for people to enjoy drinks and nibbles.

Made from a little known but actually widely used wood called Meranti, this Hecht Picnic table and bench is best suited for use in sheltered areas. Meranti is a smooth, fine wood with an eye-catching sheen and beautiful red colour, but it is not designed to be left exposed to the British elements without some protection. Site the bench somewhere where it won't get too battered by wind and rain and the product will be durable and easily maintained. Meranti originates in South-East Asia, so the wood is accustomed to heat and tropical rains, but not the battering cold winds that we sometimes get in the UK. Therefore, give winter protection with a tarpaulin or specially designed picnic bench cover or, if possible, move the product inside during the winter months.

Measuring 120 x 150 x 75cm, this set should be perfect for family gatherings and to provide extra seating for outdoor meals, without taking up too much space in your garden. No garden is truly complete until it contains a picnic bench. No more dragging chairs around or using indoor furniture to supplement your outdoor seating when extra guests turn up. With one or two of these Picnic table and bench sets about the place, you'll know you will always have the seating to accommodate all comers.

The table includes a convenient hole in the centre so you can simply add a parasol if you wish, which will help to keep you safe from sunburn during hot weather. An umbrella is also handy if you want to keep food on the table for a long time, as it prevents it spoiling in the heat of the sun.

75cm is the perfect height for a picnic bench. You should find that it is at the ideal level to accommodate eaters and drinkers of all ages. It should not be too high for a child, yet remains comfortable for adults, too. For very small children you may need to place a cushion on the bench. The legs of the set are sturdy and the construction is solid, yet it is light enough that you can move the bench to where it is needed, without hurting your back! It should be possible for two people to easily lift and move this item without much ado.

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