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Set of 4 Plastic Coated Cement Gazebo Weights

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Product Features:
  • 5lb stackable weights
  • Can be used in conjunction with stakes
  • Also great for situations when stakes cannot be used
  • Adds stability to your gazebo in light winds
  • Simple to use accessory
Price: £38.00
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When the wind gets up and you need a little extra weight to stabilise your gazebo or pop-up tent, these cement weights are ideal for the job.

There is a 1.25” slot in the circular weights, making them compatible with most canopy legs so they can be fitted to the base of a leg to hold the foot firmly down. Coated in a black plastic shell for corrosion resistance, these weights can be used in conjunction with stakes or independently.

When it is inappropriate to use stakes, such as on pavements, decks or sand, these weights are the perfect solution.

Just 7.6” in diameter and weighing 5lb each, they have a low profile measuring only 2” high. This enables them to be easily stacked if more weight is necessary.

Simple to use, these are a versatile and useful accessory to provide more sturdy anchoring for your gazebo.

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