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Camerons Stovetop Smoker

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Product Features:
  • Manufactured to high specification with stainless steel
  • For use indoors or outdoors
  • Versatile, can also be used as a roaster or steamer
  • Full instructions and many recipes are included, along with some alder wood chips to get you started
  • Dimensions (cm):  7.6 (H) x 38 (L) x 28 (W)
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FREE Delivery on this Food Smoker - This is one of our favourite Hot Smoker products - having smoked our own food for a long time - we still use the Cameron stovetop smoker on a regular basis.

Put very simply, it works every time, easy to use, can be used without any planning and provides excellent results.

You can use the Cameron stovetop smoker to hot smoke and roast a variety of foods. Sausages can be smoked with fantastic results as can chicken breasts or even a whole chicken. Of course, one of the favourites is salmon and trout - these are no exception and are smoked to perfection. The secret is to smoke the food and then allow it to rest for a few moments before serving - this allows the food to relax and for all of the flavours to balance - in particular if you have cured the food first or applied any rubs and seasonings.

The Cameron stovetop smoker is a high quality kitchen accessory - it can be used indoors on your gas or electric hob and also outdoors on a campfire, BBQ or even a small camping stove. Manufactured to high specification with stainless steel - this will last a lifetime.

Use to great effect at dinner parties to create a lovely aroma and provide perfect high quality food - produced by yourself.

The stovetop smoker is provided complete and ready to use - full instructions and many recipes are included along with some alder wood chips to get you started - enough for around 15 uses. It can also be used to great effect as a roaster or a steamer - perfectly safe and robust enough to use in your oven too - although it will not smoke food in your oven.

With current focuses on healthy lifestyles, a stovetop smoker allows you to infuse most foods with flavour and texture with the use of fats, slat or oil. There are no added calories in its simplest form & only adds great tastes.

If you are hot smoking your food - you will be surprised to see that it actually creates moist and tender food - it really is incredible and a must have if you like smoked food or need an idea for a gift.

Can be used with - Pork, Beef, Sausages, Chicken, fish, Chilli, vegetables and much more. You can smoke roast large ham or bacon joints and even a whole chicken - you only need to remove the lid and replace with tin foil to cover the meat.

Some of the features are:

- high quality stainless steel
- Dishwasher safe
- Handles will fold away for easy stowage
- Size of the smoker is 7.6cm high - 38cm long 28cm wide and weighs around 3.5 kg

Free Marinade Injector
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