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Firing Your Outdoor Oven

Firing Your Outdoor Oven Tools 

•    Hardwood kindling
•    Split seasoned hardwood Log
•    Pizza Peel
•    Matches or Lighter

  1. Place some screwed pieces of paper (newspaper is fine) on the floor between two good-sized pieces of kindling (ensure it is dry!) placed lengthwise in the oven and light the paper with a match.
  2. Place a handful of kindling across (perpendicular to) the first two pieces of kindling.
  3. Once the kindling is well lit - place two split hardwood logs (not too big – about 4 or 5 cm diameter) across the kindling pile and top with one or two more once established and lit. Remember to maintain the crossing pattern so that the air can circulate through the wood – this is very important.
  4. Push the woodpile deep into the oven with your pizza peel or poker. The fire should be just back of the centre of the oven. The flames should hit the top of the dome and cascade to the sides.
  5. Let this fire burn for approximately 20 minutes, adding several more pieces of wood to keep a large rolling flame going. Your goal is to introduce an appropriate amount of heat into the oven and establish some red-hot coals. You need to burn wood in this manner until you see a small circle directly above the fire that is no longer black (carbon build up from the fire). This “white spot” is your indicator that the oven is ready.

At this point:

You can either push the fire to the back of the oven, or to the side rear or around the perimeter of the oven.

The Outdoor Wood Oven should be very hot, keep an eye on your temperature gauge to ensure that the oven does not slip – keep adding logs to maintain heat.

In colder, damper days it will take longer to reach temperature and more logs to maintain it.