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Orlando 70cm Steel Fire Pit and Brazier

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Product Features:
  • 70cm fire bowl and brazier
  • 23cm high
  • Robust and stable
  • Can be used with wood or charcoal
  • Effective garden heater
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Ever since fire was discovered, man has been on a never-ending quest to master it and soon found that for fire to be useful, it had to be controlled. By concentrating fire in a hole in the ground, he found he could control the spread of fire and focus its heat output. And so the first fire pit was born.

Throughout history, different cultures have used different versions of this firepit to cook and provide heat. Some use in-ground fire pits filled with hot coals and stones, whilst others used a collection of stones above ground to contain the fire.

As man learned to work with metals, the construction of fire pits changed markedly, however the principles remained the same – provide a safe environment for a fire, generate warmth and sometimes, heat to cook by.

The Orlando Fire Pit Bowl is a modern interpretation of a fire pit that will keep you warm and which can also be used as a brazier, for cooking over. The fire bowl can be used with wood or charcoal and to cook, all you need to do is add a tripod or grizzly spit.

Built to last, the Orlando Fire Bowl is constructed from 2mm crude steel and is 23cm high. A 70cm circular bowl is supported by three round feet, providing a safe, stable platform for your fire and keeping it raised off the ground so as not to damage grass or patios. There are handles on either side of the bowl making it easy to pick up and move.

It order to retain the Orlando in optimal condition, it is suggested that before use you season it. This is simply done by applying a layer of vegetable oil. After each use, to preserve the firepit, remove any debris and wipe the bowl with a damp cloth then every 10 or so uses, coat with another layer of vegetable oil to maintain the seasoning and inhibit rust.

The fabulous 2-in-1 Orlando Fire Bowl and Brazier will provide a focal point for any outdoor gathering, creating warmth and a welcoming ambience.

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