How to Barbecue Safely


January 10, 2013


Having a Barbecue is something that we all look forward to in the UK – the anticipation of good weather, great food and some time with friends and family. We do need to remember some of the basics – in particular with food preparation and the cooking of the food itself. We are not talking about an exact science and you do not need to be over enthusiastic – but some basic rules will ensure fun and safety for all.

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Salmon on a Grill Plank

Of course, we need to observe all of the basics, wash your hands, keep the meat cool, ensure it is fully thawed before cooking. However, the two most common problems when having a BBQ are  – under cooked food, in particular Pork and Poultry or leaving cooked food out to graze on for too long – on a hot summers day a piece of chicken can reach danger temperatures within the hour!

The trick is to not cook everything all at once – lets not rush a barbecue, make time for cooking and socializing. Yes, it is true our weather is unreliable and we tend to get the Barby out, light it and rush getting the food on to avoid any disappointment.

Take time, have some fun lighting the BBQ, let it reach temperature, cook a few sausages and burgers – then move on to the next course of steak or chicken after the sausages and burgers have been demolished!

By slowing down, not only will you enjoy the experiences more – the food will be safer and in fact taste a lot better.

Other considerations for a safe Barbecue for the summer, keep children at a safe distance, think about the potential fire hazards and an underestimated hazard is the sun – dont get burnt!

Follow our simple and basic tips to enjoy your time outside – you will find by doing this you will obtain more from your BBQ and be rewarded with safe and tasty food.


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