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August 2, 2013


More and more of us are utilising our outdoor space for a variety of reasons, whether for additional living space or simply for recreation. One particular element which has grown in recent years is the use of garden outbuildings such as summer houses and gazebo’s. Irrespective of whatever the requirement there are now a stunning range of different styles of outbuilding which can be utilised for whatever purpose.

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The range of traditional outbuilding styles includes the following types:

Summer houses

In recent years, many of us have decided to utilise the outdoor space of a property, to add additional useful living space. This can be done by utilising a summer house, which is in essence a timber framed and built structure which can vary in size to accommodate the relevant space, but which offers an ideal space to utilise for whatever purpose. One common use of this type of structure and space is as an office, with more and more people working from home, a summer house offers the ideal situation, and is eminently far more affordable than a brick built extension.

Log Cabins

A log cabin is in many ways similar to a summer house, and in fact many log cabins are utilised as a summer house. The main difference is in the construction, whereby a traditional summerhouse may well utilise tongue and groove style wooden construction, a log cabin, as its name implies utilises a more sturdy type of log construction. Up until recently, this style of outdoor building was relatively rare however its popularity has increased somewhat as prices have dropped and technology has advanced to the extent that differing sizes and styles can be accommodated.


One of the most frequently used types of outdoor building are the garages/workshop style buildings. These are made from a traditional style of wood and in general, are finished to an exact standard, although internally may not have the same finish as a summerhouse. As its name implies, this type of building is generally utilised to store items, as a garage or alternatively, and certainly more so in recent times as a viable workshop for those who require this type of building.


Playhouses have grown in popularity in recent years, and offer children an interesting and hugely enjoyable means to spend time outdoors, within a safe environment. Playhouses are now available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours and provide an ideal external outbuilding for children. One of the key elements of this type of building is its affordability.


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