Garden gifts for under £10


January 25, 2013


With Christmas just out the way and lots of money gone on having a good time over the festive period, everyone will be in the same boat and trying to save money. January is always the same.

If your family member or best friend has a birthday over the next few weeks and you’ve no idea what to buy them without breaking the bank then follow our fantastic guide of finding Garden Gifts under £10! Yes you really can shop and not spend a fortune!

Sono Springs:

Priced at just £8, these little beauties make everything in life seem much better. They are designed to attach on to your hammock and will cause the swaying to slow down and be more gentle. These are a perfect idea for anyone who just loves relaxing in the garden without any sudden interruptions.

Hanging Pot Holder

Do you want to spruce up the garden without spending lots of money? Are you are fed up having to walk out to your garden if you want a particualr herb and wish it was on hand all the time? Well now it can be! These Hanging Pot Holders are priced a mere £4.50 and are a fantastic, yet practical idea to hand your herbs up close to hand by the kitchen window.

Recycled Table Mats and Coasters

These speak quality but come without the hefty price tag. From our recycled range, they are hand crafted in the UK and made from vending machine coffee cups direct from the national Save-A-Cup scheme. This new innovative material has a lovely solid and heavy quality feel about it, much like slate. They look fantastic on any garden table and at just £7.50 for four, you cannot go wrong with these!

Brinkmann Wood Chunks

If you like cooking meat on the BBQ then this is a product for you! This box contains nearly 3kg of Hickory Wood Chunks that provides a great flavour to most meats. Use these on a BBQ instead of charcoal as a fuel and you wont be disappointed. Just £8.95 for the 3kg box, it will last a while and provide your taste buds with that lovely taste you will want more of.

Wine Glass Clamp

Never spill a drink again with this fantastic new wine glass clamp. They are made to fit any camp or folding type chair and will hold your wine glass securely and out of harms way. This innovative product allows you to relax and enjoy your well-earned glass of wine without the usual hassle of spilling it! Problem solved! At just £4.50, you can afford a couple of these for your friends too!

Garden Torch Wicks

At just £6.00 for a pack of two these will last a while! Designed to fit in to most garden torches, you can cut these garden torch wicks down to suit your needs. Much better than burning candles outside, these won’t disappoint!

If none of the above have taken your fancy then why not hurry along to our website: where you will find a range of fantastic offers that are just too good to turn down.

Don’t forget all UK orders over £20 qualify for free delivery – so there really is no excuse not to spoil your self or a loved one


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