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Bird Boxes Information

Bird boxes bring nature one step closer

Bird Boxes InformationThere are many ways in which nature can be encouraged in the garden which vary in scale and cost from a simple bird feeder or bird table to the more elaborate bird box or owl box. In addition, squirrel feeders and bat boxes are available but what the homeowner should select really depends on how keen an interest they have in nature and their budget. The bird box or owl box provide a happy medium that is neither very basic nor excessively expensive and can provide a source of great joy, particularly for children.

Although cheaper and simpler than the bird box, bird feeders can entice a diverse range of birds into the garden. If placed somewhere where they are visible from a window in the home, many hours can be spent watching the birds feed and congregate together which is a truly wonderful sight. In addition, providing bird feeders can be essential for birds in the winter as they know that they have a sure and reliable source of food in the months that it is scarcer. Moreover, although not as advantageous as a bird box or owl box, bird tables or even bird baths can be source of great joy as birds descend from all directions to feed or to wash.

However, for the real bird lover there is no substitute at all for the bird box or the owl box. Bird Boxes can be positioned in a variety of locations including mounting on a wall or fence, a tree, a telegraph pole or even against the eaves of the house itself. The real joy of the bird box comes from nesting season when a pair of birds may take up residence in the bird box. The owner will experience the wonderful sight of the adult birds flying out and returning with nesting material in order to construct a home for their new family. In addition, the owner may even be privileged enough to see the first flight of one of the chicks. The installation of a Bird Box Camera can further enhance the experience as the family will be able to see inside the nest and track the progress of the family of birds.

Bird Boxes Information

The owl is similar in many respects for the bird box, except for the fact that owls are nocturnal and so the truly breath taking experiences will come in the night. Owls are magnificent hunters which are certainly a joy to watch and behold. Again, an owl box allows the family to learn about owls from an excellent vantage point and the addition of a camera within the Owl Box will only enhance the experience.

So for those who love nature, particularly birds, there are many ways that they can be encouraged to visit the garden depending on interest and budget. These can range from the very simple in the form of bird feeders and bird tables to the more elaborate in the form of the bird box and the bat box.