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Buffalo Dual Fuel Charcoal and Gas Combo BBQ Grill

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Product Features:
  • Combi charcoal/gas barbecue
  • Cool American Style
  • Durable
  • Height adjustable charcoal grid
  • Lid Thermometer
Price: £575.00
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Are you team charcoal or team gas? This question has long been debated amongst barbecue aficionados, each side having their own valid reasons to support their preferred cooking method. Charcoal purists may put forward the argument that nothing can beat charcoal for smoking and flavouring a variety of delicious meats, while those that favour gas point out how much quicker and more convenient it can be. Luckily though, the advent of barbecues that offer the dream combination of charcoal grill plus natural gas function - such as the great Tepro ‘Buffalo’ Charcoal Gas Combo BBQ Grill - means that those who live to cook outdoors need argue no more.

There’s nothing like a barbecue on a warm evening to bring friends and family together. A relaxed social occasion is one where the least effort is required to serve up a delicious feast, and this is where the Tepro "Buffalo" Charcoal Gas Combo BBQ Grill really come into its own. This clever gas/charcoal combination grill gives you the best of both worlds - that distinctive smoky flavour that you can only really achieve with charcoal, plus all the multiple benefits of a modern gas grill.

Investing in the ‘Buffalo’ means that you have all your bases covered. This sleek American-style combination grill boasts not one but two fire trays, meaning that it is a very flexible way to cook multiple foods.

The clever charcoal tray is simple to use and easy to adjust. The hoist feature - which enables you to adjust it - means that you are able to control the temperature of the grill to your exact specifications, depending on whether you are cooking meat, fish or vegetables. In addition, it really is so simple to keep an eye on the grill temperature because there is a handy built-in thermometer located within the lid itself. This means that you will know precisely when to top up your charcoal reserves, thus ensuring your barbecue is at an optimum temperature to cook all evening long. The ingenious gas igniter feature is a safe and simple way to get your fire started, and there is even a dedicated cupboard to store your gas bottle.

Of course, as well as offering a top of the range charcoal grill, the ‘Buffalo’ also includes a great gas grill. The grill gets to optimum temperature very quickly, and is easily adjusted and regulated. This high-tech unit allows you to cater for lots of guests with ease. The gas grill has three burners, each of which can be separately adjusted so that you can prepare multiple bespoke dishes concurrently.

The grill essentially cooks in a convection style, trapping the heat so that food cooks extremely evenly. That being said, the flexibility of this unit means that you can also opt to cook in an indirect style - where the food is placed in an enclosed area slightly away from the gas or coals - the preferred technique of many an expert gourmet barbecue chef.

The ‘Buffalo’ also offers a range of small but clever detailing that really elevates it above the competition. Handy features such as the utensil hooks and bottle opener make it extremely ergonomic and user friendly, resulting in a thoroughly agreeable cooking experience. In addition Tepro have developed an innovative Grid-in-Grid system, where the circular centre of the cooking grid can be removed and a choice of optional inlays inserted. Both cooking grids in this phenomenal BBQ boast the same Grid-in-Grid feature. Optional inlays include a cast iron grid, cast iron pan, cast iron wok or a pizza stone opening up a whole load of cooking possibilities.

Once your guests have departed, you’ll find that the clean-up process is remarkably trouble-free. The clever design of the ash tray in the charcoal tray means that it is quick and simple to empty. A grease collection pot suspended under the gas tray also reduces the amount of cleaning required in the gas tray. Because the grill has casters, despite its size, it can be easily moved into storage.

In conclusion, a combination grill such as the ‘Buffalo’ truly does offer the best of both worlds. The charcoal element brings that quintessential barbecue flavour, while the gas offers unrivalled cooking consistency. This means that you will be able to produce plate after plate of perfectly cooked food with ease. The 'Buffalo’ is without doubt the key to relaxed summer evenings, enjoying delicious barbecue favourites with friends and family.

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