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Atlanta Charcoal BBQ Trolley Grill

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Product Features:
  • Working height adjustable between 77 and 88cm
  • Large grill surface of 98 x 56 cm
  • Two plastic wheels making grill easily transportable
  • Two separate grill racks
  • Painted steel side shelf and legs
Price: £129.00
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Serious barbecue enthusiasts will love the Atlanta Charcoal BBQ Trolley Grill. Whether you are catering for a family get-together or huge party of friends and neighbours, the epic proportions of this BBQ Grill will enable you to put on a good spread for everyone. The huge grill surface will enable you to cook a large array of items like sausages, burgers, kebabs, ribs or steaks at one time.

The actual surface of the grill is divided into two separate grill racks so that a variety of foods can easily and conveniently be prepared and cooked. The racks are chrome plated and each measures about 98 by 28 centimetres. The whole grill is protected by a windshield, so that even on less than perfect days you can barbecue the food efficiently and quickly.

The grill racks are height adjustable and can easily be set at four different levels. By altering the distance between the coals and the racks, you can regulate the cooking temperature and prepare different foods simultaneously. This creates loads of flexibility, so you can feed many people at the same time.

Many people find that starting off with both the front and rear grill racks at a lower level helps to get things started, and then when the first items have finished grilling, the rear rack can be moved to a higher position. This means that cooked food can be kept warm on this rack whilst you continue to cook more on the front grill rack.

Conveniently, all your tools and utensils can be kept on the shelf at the right hand side of the grill so you can easily reach them when you need to turn an item or move something to a different shelf. Because you will be in the public eye whilst you are cooking it is a great advantage to have all this space to ensure that all the food is kept in tip top condition.

Extra storage space is provided by the lower shelf which, like the side shelf, is steel and finished in black.

The Atlanta Charcoal BBQ Trolley Grill is easily transportable due to the wheels located on the left of the unit. The grill simply needs to be tipped up and rolled into its new position. The extra large size is a real advantage, whether you want to cook a large volume of food or a greater variety of different items.

The Atlanta holds up to 5kg charcoal so you won’t have to keep topping up your fuel every few minutes.

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