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Smokenator Conversion Kit

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Product Features:
  • Ingenious design that converts your kettle BBQ into a water smoker
  • Make your Weber Kettle Grill more versatile with this conversion kit
  • Plenty of space to cook large joints of meat
  • Perfectly designed water bowl location ensures the cooking space is always kept moist
  • Kit includes: Smokenator Baffle, Water Pan, Skewer and Instruction Booklet

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The Smokenator Kit is an innovative accessory which transforms your Weber Kettle BBQ into an incredibly efficient water smoker. The Smokenator 1000 kit is 22 inches in size and designed to fit a 22.5 inch Kettle BBQ. Smoking with a Smokenator conversion kit is much easier to use and clean than the more traditional vertical water smokers seen more commonly. No need to worry about keeping water over the coals to add moisture with this kit, it has a purpose built water bowl extremely close to the coals so the cooking space is always kept moist for the most tender results.

Made from industrial strength 18 gage brushed sheet stainless steel, this kit will never rust. Forget charcoal baskets, rails and aluminium foil, the Smokenator is easy to install and makes smoking on your BBQ fun rather than a chore.
Save money and buy this one adaptor kit for your Weber Kettle Barbecue, and enjoy both of the best methods of outdoor cooking. No need to buy a separate expensive smoker or smoke generator, the Smokenator will save you space and money.

The kit works brilliantly with all meats but is extra good for chicken and turkey due to the ability to keep meats succulent and moist. The design even makes it suitable for smoking a huge 25 pound Turkey for Christmas in the Smokenator 1000! Evaporation tests show that there is 45% less evaporation with this kit against 22% by traditional water bowl methods, meaning food will not dry out unless you consciously leave the water bowl empty.

Comes with full instructions of how to get the best results out of your new Kettle Barbeque Smokenator kit. The guide shows you how to initially set up your Weber Kettle's lower and upper vents and gives accurate instructions on how to regulate the air needed to successfully smoke food using Kingsford Charcoal. After extensive research into this piece of sophisticated kit the detailed instructions will allow you to achieve great smoking results right from the start.

Take control of your Weber Kettle BBQ with this conversion kit and produce great results when smoking food using the classic water smoking method. Reach new levels and expand your cooking capacity by adding a double deck to your Weber Kettle BBQ with the Smokenator Hovergrill. The 17.75" collapsible grill stands 3.5" high giving plenty of additional space for grilling and smoking meat. The Hovergrill is perfect for use with both the 22.5" and the 26.75" Weber Kettle BBQ giving you an extra 247 square inches of cooking space. Please note the Hovergrill will not fit a 18.5" Weber Kettle BBQ Grill.
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