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Non Slip Silicone BBQ Gloves

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Product Features:
  • Say goodbye to burns and scalds
  • Exceptional quality, made from silicone
  • Can withstand heat of up to 230°C
  • Protects lower arms as well as your hands
  • Food safe and hygienic
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Love to indulge in a boozy summer barbecue but hate the burns? Look no further than this pair of comfy and heatproof cooking gloves from Tepro. Made from Silicone, these gloves can withstand temperatures of up to an incredible 230°C, providing you with maximum protection from your barbecue or a hot oven.

Nothing beats a laid back BBQ now that the summer is on it's way. Cooking at the outdoor grill is a fun and easy way to get delicious meals on the table all summer long, without the washing up! However, all too often, the chef ends up feeling frazzled and suffering from overexposure to heat. Even worse, you can end up with nasty burns from the grill if you are not careful. Using these silicone gloves will end all that.

As these gloves are made from silicone, you will find they have a good grip, something you want if you are picking up hot item, as you certainly won’t want to drop it. You could also utilise the solid grip you get from these gloves to help you open a stubborn jar or bottle.

< p>Can’t find the tongs to flip over a steak? Well these gloves are food safe and hygienic so can be used to handle and turn food!

One size fits all – overall dimensions are approximately 27.5cm long x 18.5cm wide, providing protection not only to your hands, but wrists too. In a lovely bright shade of green, you will always be able to spot these beauties! Exceptional quality, you will find that you will not feel restricted and your dexterity will not be affected by wearing these comfortable gloves. During the winter months, when barbecue season is over, you can use your silicone gloves in the kitchen as oven gloves.

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